Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am so sorry I didnt realize it had been so long since I last left a post.
So let me briefly tell you whats been happing in the last month.
Well to finish off the holidays we spent the day at Frankston beach with kelly, Danny, Fleur, Breanne and Lauchy. We 1st went to the sand sculptures then fish and chips and a dip at the beach later. Here are a couple of pics of the day. The 1 of me with the screwed up face is me nearly spewing cos if you look closely i have a jelly fish down my top thanks to danny....

We also spent a day in Melbourne at the hotrod and cutom car show followed by a picnic in the Alexander Gardens.

Blaine also started Primary School and his 1st day went very smoothly. He was bouncing off the walls when he got home as he was so excited but after 4 weeks, he is still loving it and he is doing really well so I am very happy with my decision on sending him.

Well apart from work work work, life has been demanding in itself juggling work, school and the business. Organising the BOM competition which was launch last fortnight to the final details for the retreat which has been finalised and will be on Friday 24 October - Sunday 26 October 2008. It's going to be so much fun and I am so excited to be meeting everybody and hope that everybody will be hapy with what I am planning. Deposits are required in April to reserve you position. This is limited so please make sure you reserve your spot now!!!
The BOM comp has been lots of fun. Round 1 was a time line of yourself. Round 2 was what colour are your and we are currently doing round 3 which is your best friend. There is still plenty of time to join in on the competition for your chance to win $300 worth of scrapbook products. The gallery is looking amazing and i can't wait to see more entries.
Also kaiser has been launching some beuatiful products to which i have in store. I have made up very affordable kits so please take a look in the whats new section to see whats arrived and what might take your fancy.
I have done a couple of layouts to share..... until next time.... keep on chatting.