Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sore looser

As some of you may have read in my last post, Blaine has an obsession with AFL football. Well today was grand final day between Geelong Cats and St Kilda Saints. It doesn't matter what teams are playing, Blaine will always back a team and barrack like he would his own. Well today he was barracking for the saints. It was an awesome game and on the edge of your seat until the last second of the match. Well the Cats won and Blaine was hysterical. There was no chance of calming him down and he was an absolute mess. Yep I took pics at the start just to show you all what a sore looser looks like.

Well this went on for so long, and I lost it. Poor kid.... I should learn that Autistic kids have obsessions and have high emotions but yet like all kids, they tend to take you to a point you wish you never went to. Well after a while I got him calmed down and his poor little bum wasnt red anymore and we had another discussion about winning and loosing and how life goes.
He must have been so upset because I started cooking dinner and thought he was really quiet. I went searching the house and found him in bed and asleep at 6.30. Poor bugger, and i feel terrible. I've been in every half hour or so giving him a kiss and watching him.
Why is it they can get into your weak points and make you crack like an egg. I tell ya, this parenting thing will be the end of me. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I hope your weekend is better than mine and warmer + drier too...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Most kids........ but not mine !!!

What a shocker I had today.
Start of the school holidays. I drop Blaine off at School Holiday Program to find the bloody council gave me the wrong fax number so they never received our booking.
Its a fully packed couple of weeks there and to be told that they can find a spot but cant participate in the activites, really got my blood boiling. I left the office girl to sort it out and went to work.
The Internet was down at work today, which really restricts what i can do at work, so that annoyed me a bit. I made the most of a bad situation and pretty much got paid to do sweet FA.
So it's time to pick up Blaine. It was a shocker on the roads so gave me time to keep cool and think of what I was going to do with Blaine for 2 weeks. So I politely asked for my cheque back and said i would get back to them to work out what i will do. I had so many people coming to me apologising and even the director asked me to come into her office, to which she couldnt apologise enough and offered my refund. Well all is sorted and Blaine has been squeezed in due to the error of the council and no i didnt take the refund, after all I just wanted it sorted out and they did everything they could. So happy thats done.
So I go in to get Blaine and I am swamped with teachers telling me Blaine has had an accident and there was a bit of blood and he cried but they think he will be fine!! This kid is accident prone I tell ya. Aparantly they were playing with balls and the girl accidently elbowed him in the mouth. He has a split gum at the front down the bottom and a couple of loose teeth. Blaine hasnt lost a tooth yet and he isnt even close to loosing 1 so that upset me a bit to think he was going to loose a tooth by being hit by a girl ( I do see the funny side). So he has stopped touching it so hopefully it heals itself and will be ok until its ready to fall out its self.
I tell ya... no rest for this wicked witch!!
So now Im watching the Brownlow (AFL best and fairest) and Blaine was tucked in bed watching it too.
I just went in to check and make sure he was asleep and tuck him in to find him like this.

Most kids hug their teddy when they go to bed, but not my kid. He hugs his footy!! the kid is obsessed. And yes, thats a Richmond Tigers tatt on his arm and if you look closely, there is a Tiger tennis ball their too. At least Xmas and Birthday is going to be easy this year.
Just thought I'd share.
Thanks for popping in. Leave a comment for your chance to win. Seeya XXX

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A day at the show

Well I am buggered. I am tired, my back and feet are killing me and I'm broke.

Yesturday we went to the Melbourne Show. I haven't been for years and Blaine couldn't remember going so we trainned it in and had a day of it.
I was sure to plan ahead and have a budget which I stuck to and we had a really good day. It rained from about 5pm but we went inside to eat (now thats where your $$ goes) and left about 7.30pm.

All in all we had a really good day.

Sammi has out done her self again by running Septembers Cybercrop on Friday night.

The challenges and I dont say challenges lightly, are awesome and the bingo went off. Well done to Shaz for calling out Lingo 1st!!

There is still plenty of time to get the challenges done and upload to be in the chance to win. So why not get scrapping and get your entries in the gallery by Midnight Friday 25 September.

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Until next time, stayt safe and get on Scrapping. Make sure you check out the shop for the sales this week...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sorry Ladies

I am so sorry ladies, as you can see the site is down again. But on a positive note... you can still get into the shop to spend money...hehe.
Actually Im not laughing and I have just sent the nastiest (well in my most politest voice) email to these donkey brains. I have had it! It makes me look incompitent and unproffesional. It always happens over the weekend and there is no service available over the weekend which means I have to wait until 9am Monday to have it looked at, and I pay bloody good money to these turkeys and I have had it.
So tomorrow I will be looking for a new site provider. Anybody know any good and cheaps service providers at all? I would love to hear of some so I can get this fixed ASAP.
All I can do is say sorry to you all and promise that i will get this fixed once and for all as soon as I possibly can.
On a brighter note, How gorgeous was Melbournes weather today. 10pm and its still 29 degree's and it is gorgeous. Come on spring... I cant wait.
Ohh and hows Collingwoods form. Carn the pies! I am no Collingwood supporter but damn fine job beating Adelaide!! All Vic final and I cant wait. Fingers crossed for a Geelong V Bulldogs final and go Bullies!!!
I managed to do the washing today as well as some spring cleaning and the lawns. I am hoping tomorrow is the same as today. I could really do with some outside time.
I was lucky enough tonight to have Fleur over for a catch up, was great to see her but am really looking forward to bed tonight in my nice clean fresh bed. Don't you just love getting into bed with crisp fresh clean shets. mmmm I can feel it now.
Well I might do a quick clean up so i can go to bed. Don't forget that the Q2 book is still up for grabs here on my blog. All you have to do is leave a comment.
Again..... A huge SORRY....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

WIN a Q2 magazine here !!.

Last night was the launch of the Kaiser Q2 range being released October 1.
Suzie, Nicola, Jacqui and I took the very long (and sick for me) drive to Geelong in peak hour traffic and again stopped at the Italian/Turkish resturant we went to last time. The food is devine and really good prices but the waitress we had was a dill and forgot to put our mains in so it was a mad rush to scoff and run. They were very nice about it and gave us our breads and drinks for free.
So off we hopped to Kaiser and we turned up in perfect time. The speaches were done and the curtain was about to be dropped. Couldn't have time it better my self. We got to have a look, touch, smell and feel of all the new goodies. I can tell you 3 of the ranges are Christmas, 1 is travel, 1 is girly and 1 is boys. Nicola and Jacqui thought they were in Kaiser heaven especially when they got to shop at wholesale prices. Our show bags weren't as good as last time but hey, anything for nothing is always good... Sadly it was 1 per shop so sorry to the girls, I know they really wanted 1 each.
We stopped back at the resturant for coffee and cake and then headed home for another long drive. Can you believe we were in traffic at midnight??? road works on the freeway is never a good thing especially on a Friday night. The night was full of laughs and I don't know about the others but I had a ball. Thanks girls for a fantastic night.
Here are some pics From the night.

Yeah, thats me in perfect form being a complete twat!!!
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I have done a little bit of scrapping. I haven't done it for so long but hey, it's just like riding a

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Have a great week.