Saturday, August 15, 2009

photos from the holiday

Here are some happy snaps from our trip away.

Us at movieworld. The stunt show was very loud but awesome to watch. Blaine had his photo taken with Shrek, Scooby and Mum with Batman. We also went on the wild west ride and I screamed twice.

Australia Zoo was our next park to see. Even though it was about a 2 hour drive there the place was just beautiful. We went to the crocosium and watch the bird in flight and feeding the crocs. Blaine and i had our pic taken with a croc and got to pat a few of our native Australian animals. We even got to feed the elephants. I loved that experience. But I have to say the tiger exhibit was our favourite. We could have sat for hours and watched them.

Our favourite park is Dreamworld.So much to see and do and we had a ball. Blaines favourite ride is the log ride and I think we went on it 4 or 5 times not including all the other rides we went on. We got to pat a tiger which was awesome and Blaine met Sponge Bob and Patrick as well as Tommy too.

Tiger Island is amazing, its so good to see what these gorgeous animals can do. We also got to hold a Koala, wow they are heavy but so cuddly and adorable.

Seaworld was our last park and our last day. Blaine thought he lost me at one stage and i couldnt help to take his picture just to remind him why he shouldnt run off. He got to meet the sesame street gang and he thought the dolphins were amazing. Next time we will swim with them.

So thats our happy snaps... Wish I was there now!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

No rest for the wicked

Well what a couple of weeks I've had. I finally went on holidays to Queensland. The weather was perfect and it was just what Blaine and I needed. While I was away the site crashed and got hacked but thankfully it is all safe, up and running now .
While away we went to Movie world, Dream world, Sea world and Australia Zoo. We did things like pat a crocodile and a tiger, feed and elephant and hold a koala. We had fabulous cheap food everynight and was so nice not having to cook and the only decision to be made is how I wanted my steak cooked.
Friday 1am I got a phone call from my neighbour saying my house had been broken into. I was a mess and felt so useless that I was so far away and couldnt do anything about it. Luckily for my neighbour, Aunty and the landlord my house was looked after. They managed to steal Blaines Motorbike as well as my jewelery. About $4000 in total.
When I got home Tuesday night I opened the garage door, saw things moved, shut the door and went next door so they could come with me. I was terrified and have felt on edge ever since,.
Im not sure if I will stay or move on as my lease is due to be renewed. Something I will sleep on for a little while I think.
So there you go...... so much for a relaxing holiday. I have managed to do little to nothing over the last couple of days and plan on doing the same the weekend as well.
Back to footy tomorrow and work Monday, so not looking forward to that.
A new competition is starting next week on the site so make sure you register.
I will pop up some photos soon from our holiday. So until then, stay safe and keep on chatting. i'm off blog hopping....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

computer help - urgent

Hi girls,

Not sure if your having problems with the forum, but I am having "DISCUSSIONS" with gate 13 about the speed of the forum and gallery as well as the maintance and upgrade of v-bulletin.
They tell me the v-bulletin is a third party and this is what runs my forum and gallery and said that what I pay them for is for hosting and the shopping cart, not the rest. So they have sugested for me to run an update, well I have just spent heaps of time trying to work how to do this and have no clue at all. I cant even find an email address or a help section that i can ask about it and after my last email to gate 13 it seems to be 'not working' so I wonder if my email has anything to do with it.... coinsidence??? dont know but im screwed if this cant be fixed quickly,.
I cant afford at the moment to have the site re-designed etc..... and wonder how the hell I can get the forum and gallery up to working speed and who can look at it for me.
SO I ASK FOR YOUR HELP...... does anybody know a computer tech that would be able to help me for love ....xxxx I wonder if any of you know a host that could tell me what it would cost to have my account transfered and have maintained by somebody else.... i really need urgent help.... HELP PLEASE

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And the winner is


You have won the Kaiser brads just for commenting on my blog.
I will pop them in the post when I get back from holidays.