Monday, January 29, 2007

Australia Day weekend

Well we are back from boring Albury. Not much there and I struggled to relax. I guess I'm used to being 100 km an hour in everything I do. It was lovely to see my friend from school Everlyn and meet her grown up kids and also see Nicole and Dave and kidlets Lachlan and Ella. The boys were inseprable and I made a new friend in Ella. I could have taken her home. She is just too cute. We (Nic and I) took the kids for pizza in the park on Friday night then to a carnival and they had a ball. Saturday I struggled and I was sooo bored. I took Blaine to Ettamogah Pub, then we sat half the day in a play centre to fill in time. From there we went to Ev's then to Nics for dinner. Sunday morning we met Nic in town, had breakfast/lunch the we headed home. I never thought I'd miss home like i did. I guess I had a million things to do and a million things going on in my head. Oh well. It was nice in a way to get away. Now its time to house hunt.... This is going to be terrible. Here are some pics from the weekend.

I stopped on the way home and took this pic. I just love the whole country rustic feel. It is so dry everywhere.


Don't forget to submit your layouts ladies to go in for the draw of a $25 voucher to .

1. Create a layout on why you scrap.
2. You must include the phrase in your own words... I scrap because, or why I scrap...etc to the layout
3. You must have journalling.
4. Size is not an issue.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

all fixed.

Well my blog is fixed and I did it all by I have studyed all day and my eyes feel like they are hanging out of my head. I took Blaine and my niece skating and I managed to study there. The girls slept over last night and I thought Id take some shots of them together. Here is a pic of Madeline and Kayleigh. I also took this photo last night of Blaine in the bath.

For those of you that are interested, I have managed to grab a few new suppliers. Bumblee Bee, Acacia Paper Craft, Down Under Direct and finger crossed, hopefully Scrap FX. I have minumum first orders so once I scan their products I will let you all know what company I will be ordering from first.
How are those layouts going girls.... Im ready to show off your stuff.

Monday, January 22, 2007

A quiet 1.

Well finally a quiet weekend, well kind of. We spent the weekend looking for a new house for Jinx. We found 1 yesturday but I am sure he doesn't like it too much. At least I don't have to follow him around with the broom and shovel. I even managed to get 3 layouts done over the weekend. Have a look.

Don't forget to add your layouts to the 'COMPETITION' today.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


While I am in the process of setting up the Gallery and Forum on the website, I have decided to run a competition here to get the ball rolling and start promoting the site.

There are a couple of conditions...

1. You must be registered on the website...
2. All entries should be emailed to me and will be displayed on this site.
3. Original entries required.

Now for the challange.

1. Create a layout on why you scrap.
2. You must include the phrase in your own words... I scrap because, or why I scrap...etc to the layout
3. You must have journalling.
4. Size is not an issue.

Bonus points awarded to those who promote the site. Email me with the names of who you have refered....there will be a prize for the most refered...

All entries are to be submitted to me by February 28th.
The winner will receive a voucher to the value of $25 to spend on the site.
The winner will be announced by 5 March 2007.
Min 5 entries (5 people) for the competition to run.
You may enter twice.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Get scrapping ...NOW

under construction

Sorry everybody, but I have been playing around with my Blog to add my header and I cant seem to get it the way it should be. Hopefully this will be fixed soon and a little easier on the eye.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Stock

Just a quick post to let you all know that I have put a few things in the "whats new" category on . Keep looking cos there will be more new items over the next few weeks.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday my chocolate frog xoxoxoxo

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy. Blaine is 4 today. (17th).
He loved his new ride on car and played on it all morning. I took him to the Pancake for lunch.
I also made him a choccy cake (very late) but he seemed to enjoy it. Michele came over with Josh and we had a cake feast.... Yummo.I still have to make him a card, which I plan to do after work tomorrow. Here are some pics from today.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

never again

Another scorcher in Melbourne today. 41 degrees, the worst thing, no power....its still 35 outside and its nearly 11pm.
Today is the last day Blaine will be 3. I just had to take some pics of his last day of 3 year old life because it will never happen again.
I just love this picture. Definetly 1 to scrap. He really didn't want me to take his photo and I was getting angry cos all I wanted was one shot... little bugger....
I managed to get a couple of shots but not of his usual happy self. Check these out.... Well after all the commotion, I finally got 1 smile out of him. Poor little bloke and mean old mummy.
I hope his birthday tomorrow is a better 1 for him. I've just popped him in a cool shower. its so hot here. 11pm and he still isnt in bed. Hopefully this will cool him down and he might be able to doze off.

bear hug

I just wanted to show off my latest layout I have done. I love it and Im so proud of it. I have submitted it so fingers crossed that they like it too.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's party time !!!

Well today was Blaine's birthday party. We went to the skating rink and the kids had heaps of fun. It was such great value and I was so happy with it all it was perfect. Even us oldies popped on the skates and had a burn around. We ended up with a wiggles theme and it look awesome. I am just so pleased with the whole day, even though I am really tired. Im sure everybody will sleep well tonight. Johnny had us in fits...I bet he is sore and sorry tomorrow. Thanks for everybody that made Blaines day so special. He loved it. Here are some happy snaps.

Well our house has sold so that means we need to find somewhere to live. I have been looking but nothing as yet. Hopefully something will show up that will make us both happy to live in.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


yeap im tired. Have stared into a computer all day and im buggered. Doesn't help when its 31 degrees at 11pm. Its going to be hot again tomorrow and the bush fire smoke outside seems to be getting worse.
Well nothing has really happened over the last few days. Went to the beach tonight. It was pretty choppy but was great to cool down. Michele and I took a swim and swam into jelly fish. never got out of the water so quick, and boy do they hurt when they sting. Had a few people in to look at the house, hopefully I will be looking for a new home soon. I have been offered a new job in Sydney running Franks new business. Don't think its the right thing with just Blaine and I. Even though he said that I could work from home every couple of days... tempting, wonder what his offer is. Would have to be bloody good. I am so tempted to hop on a plane to suss it out though.
Well 7 days to Blaines birthday and his party is on Sunday. Open house Saturday so that will give me the chance to organize balloons and lolly bags.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

where did the weekend go?

The weekend seems to have flown by within a blink of an eye. Friday night EMBELLISHED had a cybercrop. Michele came over and scrapped and left around 2am.... It was such a hot night, it was still 30 degrees at 2am...yuck... Saturday I scrubbed the house because we had open house in the arvo. So while that was happening, we went to the movies to get out of the heat. We saw A night at the Museum. Really good, funny and i even jumped a little. What a rip off popcorn is. They wanted to charge $6.00 for a small popcorn, whats with that... it would cost them 50 cents to make.... Saturday night I went out to the Settlement for dinner with Mick and Michele then went back to their house to scrap. Another late night. Today was a lazy morning. We went to Maccas for lunch for Josh's Birthday, back to their place for ice cream cake. Then from there I went to Mum's to pick up our newest member of our family.....
Isn't he just gorgeous...
(I hope it is a he... oh well)
Well hopefully Blaine will doze off soon and hopefully an early night for me too....

Thursday, January 4, 2007

its too bloody hot

Have you ever got your self so worked up because you were so hot that you got angry. That was me today. I woke up to a very warm morning and had all these plans to do things before i got to work. I wanted to print Blaines invites to post them today so I went to Cranbourne HN where I was #%&*%$ around. I sat there for ages text typing and setting then got them printed and it cut of 3 lines from the top and bottom... CRAP... I had to do it all over again and pay for it all again because those shitful machines are set to 6x8 not 6x4....SO FRUSTRATING....
I managed to get to work and by the time i got there i was so p!$@#% off. Then some stupid woman on an ego trip decided to really shit me by ringing and rambling about absolute crap.....Anyway you can see how my day was going. I stopped in to see Mum on the way home, and she isn't great but there is nothing i can do. Then from there I picked up Blaine and finally got home to a styfulling god it was soooo hot. I cracked it.... So i put on my baggy ass bathers and headed to Carrum beach. It was so busy but gorgeous. Just what I needed. Some quite cool time with Blaine and I. We sat in the water and watched the sun go down and it was awesome. I feel so much better.
Well enough of my little spatt.....Hope your day was better than mine... Oh crap...35 tomorrow... oh well. i will have to deal with


I had a day off work today as I was supposed to go to Kellys for her birthday. She has been sick so we stayed away. My other friend Nicole was down from Aubury so we caught up for lunch. Her little man Lachlan shares the same exact birthday as Blaine, and when they used to live down here, the kids were inseprable. Well as soon as they saw each other they were so excited and overwhelmed. They had a ball together and it was so sad to say goodbye. I did get some great shots of them together.

I finally have Blaine's party organised for next Sunday. We are going to the local skate rink where the kids can play on their scooters as well as their skates and got it at a great price too. So after booking that, I took Blaine to Dairy Bell where he picked his own cake. A Wiggles cake... oh well his birthday his choice. From there we went to spotlight to pick balloons. He wanted purple and pink, purple is his fav colour but I had to say no to pink. So we are going Lime green, Purple and Orange. I am making the invitations my self so I wanted to get a photo of him. After almost 50 shots I managed to narrow it down to 3. Now all I have to do is decide which one to go with. Of to HN 2morrow 2 print them off and send them. Here's a sneak peek.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year

I am buggered. After a very lazy day at home yesturday, I decided to take Blaine to the city to watch the "pop pops" as he calls them (fireworks). Michele tagged along with Josh and we drove into the city and sat by the Yarra and watched the family fireworks. The weather was gorgeous and i was very suprised to see how relaxed and calm it was in there. We went back to Michele's house and had a drink or 5. I went to bed at 4am. This morning, we all had cold BBQ for breakfast and watched Jackass 2. How funny (except for the horse that made me dry reach). I have struggled all day so I am about to hit the sack....ohh yeah bed time and I can't wait. Here are some pics I took last night.