Tuesday, January 16, 2007

never again

Another scorcher in Melbourne today. 41 degrees, the worst thing, no power....its still 35 outside and its nearly 11pm.
Today is the last day Blaine will be 3. I just had to take some pics of his last day of 3 year old life because it will never happen again.
I just love this picture. Definetly 1 to scrap. He really didn't want me to take his photo and I was getting angry cos all I wanted was one shot... little bugger....
I managed to get a couple of shots but not of his usual happy self. Check these out.... Well after all the commotion, I finally got 1 smile out of him. Poor little bloke and mean old mummy.
I hope his birthday tomorrow is a better 1 for him. I've just popped him in a cool shower. its so hot here. 11pm and he still isnt in bed. Hopefully this will cool him down and he might be able to doze off.


Julie said...

Love the pics of Blanine Lorrie. He does look cute.

fleurie said...

great pics lorrie