Saturday, July 25, 2009

how time flies

Wow, 2 weeks since my last post... Been a bit slack I think and really tired.
1 week and we are on holidays and I am hanging out for a break of eating, drinking and doing sweet FA!! I am so looking forward to getting life back on track.... I feel like I am chasing my tale all the time and as soon as I stop I sleep... but i feel I can't catch up..When I get back from holiday's its time to loose weight... Anyway, enough whinging....
Last weekend I had the gorgeous Hetty stay with us for the weekend. She is just as beautiful IRL as she is in the cyberworld and I feel so lucky to have her as a friend.
Poor Hetty had this dim witt pick her up from the airport. She was in arrivals and stupid me was in departures.... Friday, peek hour and plenty of abuse I finally found her and we headed home. We stopped to eat and then sat and chatted until the wee hours of the morning.
Saturday was a cold adventure for Hetty's 1st Auskick experience.... A Chai latte and snag in bread was worth the bribe :O
We headed home to scrap for a couple of hours, then Hetty went off with Sharon for some scrap shopping while Blaine and I attended an appointment.
Saturday night a bunch of us went out for Indian. Here are some pics of our night.

Sunday was crop day @ Officer and it was the best turn out so far. Thank you all for coming and making crop day heaps of fun.

Poor Hetty had to catch the 5am airport bus so off we trotted to wait for the bus. Not so bad for me cos I went back to bed but buggered if I would want to catch a bus that early. I hope you had a good time lovely.
The DT applications close this Friday 31 July.
I havent had 1 Australian application yet!!! come on girls who wants to be part of the team.
Also closing Friday is my blog give away. All you have to do is leave a comment to WIN....
See the previous posts for more details.
I've managed to finish a double layout since my last post.
Anyway thats it from me tonight... I will pop in tomorrow or Monday for some birthday wishes!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Schools back

Well school is back, and no more sneeky little sleep ins for me, well not for the next 3 weeks any way. We are off to the gold coast for a holiday soon and I am really looking forward to seeing some sun.
Blaine has settled really well back at school and I had his PTI 2day and the teacher said he has improved and things are getting better by the day, which I guess every parent wants to hear.
My rush with tax time is over at work, so now just making sure everything is running smoothly before I take some time off.
Plenty of house work thou to get through before the lovely Hetty arrives Friday. Its going to be a really busy weekend but im really looking forward to kicking back with a gorgeous bunch of girls Saturday night for dinner and Sunday at the crop. If you are local and you would like to come to either or both, drop me a line and I will be only too happy to give you the details.
The July cybercrop was run on Saturday night and is still open until Sunday. The theme was Seasons and 3 challenges to be completed. Check out the forum for all of the details.
I also tackled the July sketch. Here are my 2 layouts I did over the weekend.

Oh before I go, I am organising a girls night out!

Wednesday 16 September
Hallam Hotel
Let me know if you would like to come
Well thats it for me for now. Dont forget to check out the shop for some great specials that are on at the moment. Plenty to save!!
Make sure you leave a comment for your chance to win:
Now for the blog giveaway....
All you have to do is leave a comment when you visit and each time you leave a comment I will add you name to the paper bag....... On the 31 July a winner will be drawn and the prize is....
Kaiser Q1 Pina colada Epoxy Brads

Good luck

Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog giveaway!!

Hi again and i hope every body is doing well.

School holidays here in Melbourne and wet cold and windy too. Hetty, your going to experience a real Melbourne winter, but at least the curry will warm us up.

I have been so tired lately and havent done a thing with scrapping. Even the site is quiet with holidays so i hope that picks up excitiement soon. Starting to feel a bit lost to be honest.

Even the mojo has gone on holidays too.

I pulled a muscle in my chest this week and my boss ordered in a masuse (sp?). Well I get a deep tissue masage in my chest sides and back and i tell you i can hardly move. I am black and blue and sore all over. Hopefully it settles in the next day or so but i tell with the chest I have, the bounce does not help!! Definetely time to get off my fat rear and loose some weight. Back to my old weight (damn) so off exercise bike shopping tomorrow...

I have to say congrats to my coles buddy Sam who had a little girl on Wednesday, Chevie Rose.... Congrats honey and so glad to hear your both doing well.

Busy busy busy at work.... tax time but suprisingly I have done the tax changes, the group certificates, superannuations, Sydney acccounts so all I have to do now is Melbourne accounts and filing and archieving. I think I suprised myself. lol

well thats been my boring week. I hope yours has been a little more exciting.

Ohh and got confirmed diagnosis for Blaine last week. Aspergers which I was told earlier... so down to the last of testing and hopefully we can settle down soon and get on with life. Come on September!!

Now for the blog giveaway....

All you have to do is leave a comment when you visit and each time you leave a comment i will add you name to the paper bag....... On the 31 July a winner will be drawn and the prize is....

Kaiser Q1 Pina colada Epoxy Brads

Good luck