Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing catch up..

Wow, how time flies. So now I have to play catch up. I have been really busy with the school holidays, work, home, site and the ongoings of the retreat that Im not sure if I am coming or going. But it is very exciting to know that its only 11 more sleeps to go.
Blaine went to school holiday program for a couple of days and he loved it. He went to the movies to see Wal.E., had a footy day, a bike athon and a live show. He is now looking forward to christmas so he can go to "play school" again.
I did manage a long weekend during the holidays and we went to Lakes Entrance. Blaines 1st time ad my return after 6 years, nothing changed and relaxing as I remembered. I got to catch up with my x-SIL and BIL and the kids, and the kids got along so well. They were inseprable which was fantastic to see. Lots of catching up, eating good food and doing nothing but relax... God it was good. Here are some pics.

Well it was back to work and back to school and back to a routine. We have started walking and riding after dinner every night, and its so nice not to have the busy destractions for half an hour and just enjoy Blaines company. We have little chats, he picks me flowers, loves to hold my hand and big hugs at every corner. Im really enjoying it. Hopefully it helps to move some of this weight and get some fitness going.
My neice, Kayleigh turned 10 the other day. Makes me feel old, especially to remember the day she was born. For her actual birthday we went to all you can eat and ate until we made ourselves sick. On Saturday she had a party. Great weather and she had a ball. Happy Birthday Kayleigh.

Have had weather from 4 season this week. From storms and freezing to 30 degrees today. This is the rainbow from my front door Monday, and a few photos from the beach today and a few random shots too..

Well thats it for me, hopefully I can keep up to date. Until next time keep on