Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing all my family and friends a wonderful new year.
May 2009 bring you happiness, joy, love and prosperity.
Thank you for all your love and support throughout 2008.

To my beautiful little man Blaine,.
You make me smile each and every day. I love you to infinity and beyond and hope 2009 brings plenty of good times, lots of laughs and love to you. Have a great time in grade 1 and remember I love you more than words can say.xxxx

To my gorgeous DT @ Scrapbook CAPITAL during 2008
Lali, Nicole, Julie, Hetty, Sharon and Tracy.
Thanks for your support throughout 2008 and all your wonderful and inspiring creations. May 2009 see more of your inspiration on the site. I look forward to spend 2009 with you all.

And last but definately not least,
to all of you that have visited, played, laughed, cried, chat, created, brought, participated and supported Scrapbook CAPITAL in 2008.
Your support is very much appreciated and with out you Scrap Cap would not what it is today.
I am very lucky to have such a wonderful bunch of ladies that i can now call my friends.
I look forward in spending 2009 with you all.

2009 will see the launch of a new competition that will commence in a weeks time, as well as the start of the search for the Cybercrop Queen.
2009 will also see plenty of chat, lots of laughs, savings to be had and sales too.
Don´t forget October will see the 2nd annual Scrap Cap HALLOWEEN retreat. Places are limited so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more details coming soon.

1 last New Years wish to you all, may all your hopes and dreams come true.
I´m off to pour myself a Bailey´s and bop to ABBA. Have a great start to the new year.
Here´s my little taste of my new years resolution from me to you....
Happy new year........xxxx Lorrie xxxx

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to catch up!!!

So sorry I haven't updated since now, my computer is very sick and some days won't work. Just waiting for it to go to Dr. Robs for a tickle and a tune up.
Well lets get started, 4 weeks to catch up on. Blaine is out of plaster. So happy about that. Back to bathing and dressing him self. School finishd up and Blaine is off to grade 1 next year with his same techer. He told me today he is missing her. 5 weeks to go on holidays. I am sure will get over that soon. The school had a concert on the last day and each class did a song and at the end the entire school signed to ABBA. Blaineslass did the theme song for the A-Team and dressed up like MR.T. Here is a few snaps.
Friday night before christmas a few of the girls on Scrap Cap met at the pub for dinner and a few drinks. It was lovely to finally meet Tracy in real life. Thanks to Ange, Lyndall, Sharon, Jacqui, and Tracy for making a great night. As you cn see Ange was in fine form.

Blaine has a birthday next month, so we did a crazy hair theme to make up his invites. Here are the results from the photo shoot.
Our family at christmas get together the weekend before due to other family commitments on christmas day. This year we had a traditional lunch all done by me at my place. Roast pork and Lamb, potatoes and pumpkin, cauliflower, pea's , carrots, gravy and apple sauce oh and hot rolls. For dessert we had pav, choc ripple cake, rum balls, choc crackles, royal puddings and lollies. Here are a few shots from day.
Our Christmas was a nice quiet 1. The night before Blaine put out some milk and cookies for Santa, carrot for rudolf an some money for the poor kids for santa to take. As the same as every year, santa almgot sprung. Blaine gets scared xmas eve cos santa is coming into the house. So I had to explain Santa also can do magic and becausewe dont have a chimney (or chimley as Blaine calls it ) he will use magic to put the presents under the tree. Blaine was 1 lucky boy. He got a Wii for xmas and as you can see in the photos he was a bit excited about that. We had BBQ lunch with Michele and Josh and left overs for dinner. Nice and quiet just what you want on xmas day.
Might have to invest in a Wii fit now. Anyway, it has taken me l day to do this post becasue of my poor computer. Until next time, chatting.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lost in Cyberspace?

Where are you all? Lost in Cyberspace? The site has been very quiet lately.... so quiet its been scary. Even last weekends cybercrop was like a ghost town with not chatting either... I must have BO or something.....
To get you back into the swing of things, a few new things are happining at Scrapbook Capital...
Tomorrow is the start of the "BUILD IT UP" competition ran by Sharon Lee. Sounds cery interesting and runs over 6 weeks. So why not check out the forum for more details.
2009 cybercrops are also changing a little. 'QUEEN OF THE CROP' will also be running from January for 6 months. All you have to do is take part in the cybercrop each month, receive points just for taking part and hopefully get enough points to win. More detaild about that a little closer to the January cybercrop. Dates for 2009 cybercrop will be up in the forum shortly.
November sketch is up in the forum and gallery and you still have a little over a week to get your entries in. Why not have a go... you never know what you will achieve, but 1 thing for certain is your page tally will increase.
December cybercrop has been changed to Friday December 5 due to the christmas hype that we all get subjected to. This is where we get to open our kris kringle pressies we get from the 'secret santa' on SC. Its a christmas theme so why not pop in for a chat, check out the challenges and have a go. The DT really put a lot of heart and soul into their challenges and examples so why not show your appreciation by joining in.
For those in Melbourne we are getting together on Friday 19 December @ Fountain Gate Hotel for a christmas dinner. If you would like to come, please email or PM me to reserve your spot and enjoy a xmas drink with a wonderful bunch of ladies.
On the home front, hmmm nothing at all. Got pretty sick last week with a sore throat, I think I was run down because not only did I feel terrible and slept for ever, I looked even worse. But hopefully over that now, just got to get over this 'no neck, rolly polly, aged looking phase'...If only that was as easy as taking a pill. I can only wish.
Blaine hasn't broken any more bones since last update which is a good thing. Just waiting on an appointment to have his arm checked and find out when we get his plaster off. Cheeky chook has worked out how to shove pencils down his cast to scratch and nothing I say will stop him.
Ohh the only exciting thing Ive done in the last 2 weeks is I brought a new 7ft xmas tree and decorations. All I need to do now is get it off layby and put it up. Highly exciting life hey...NOT!!
Well I think I have bored you enough so after all of that its time for me to say bye... keep on

This is Blaines 1st ever layout, not bad hey!!! and my 1st layout in months. It was Octobers sketch, a month late but done anyway...

Blaine writing his 'dear Santa' letter, and like spunky trunks....
and just a little early Christmas present for you all.......

Monday, November 10, 2008

November already...

So sorry for not updating before now but wow have I been busy... All the usual dealings in a ordinary life going on here. We went on a beach picnic with Michele and her family. Blaine and I started walking every night and trying to teach Blaine how to ride without training wheels. He is down to 1 but we haven't been walking since the retreat. Best I get my but into gear and get started again. We have new neighbours. They are so lovely. I take her youngest to school everyday and pick him up but they are a great bunch of people. They even got out over the park last week and got the kids on their motorbikes for a ride. Was such a lovely day and was great to see the neighbourhood really getting envolved. Even have a school family with 6 kids that come and play and always need an extra for cricket. it's a shame I haven't won lotto yet so I can buy my own place in this estate. Here are some pics to play catch up.

Well Scrap Cap had their 1st retreat and it was brilliant, even if I do say so myself. The ladies were so beautiful IRL and were a great bunch to play with for a weekend. Plenty of alcohol for this little black duck but gosh I had a great time. The PJ party was heaps of fun and Nina's belly dance was amazing. I even got up to have a go and it was soooo hard. There was a few ladies that got into fancy dress and they looked amazing and my hat goes off to them all. Check out Sammi, Michele, Jax, Sharon, Nina and Lyndall in the photo below. I am now counting down until Scrap Cap retreat 2!!! I'm sure it will be bgger and better than this years. I am very proud to announce that we at the retreat raised $500.00 to go to Narre Warren SES in the memroy of my Dad. I am so proud of you all and thank you for supporting a caused that means so much to me... Big hugs and kisses to each and every one of you that donated in some kind of way. xoxoxoxox

I finally start getting back to a so called normal life and my little nit wit decides to climb a fence last night and falls straight over the top and falls 6 feet onto the ground. He seemed to be ok after he settled down but a very different story today. My poor little frog is in a cast with a fracture to the wrist. Hopefully it heals well and he will be out of it in 3 weeks. Today has really taken its toll so hoping for better days tomorrow.

Well thats enough from me right now. Don't forget Novembers Cybercrop is on this Friday at 7.30. Come and join in with some chat and a few laughs. A new comp will be starting very soon as well as a blog hopper comp too so keep your eye's peeled for that 1!!! Until next time, keep on chatting and take

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playing catch up..

Wow, how time flies. So now I have to play catch up. I have been really busy with the school holidays, work, home, site and the ongoings of the retreat that Im not sure if I am coming or going. But it is very exciting to know that its only 11 more sleeps to go.
Blaine went to school holiday program for a couple of days and he loved it. He went to the movies to see Wal.E., had a footy day, a bike athon and a live show. He is now looking forward to christmas so he can go to "play school" again.
I did manage a long weekend during the holidays and we went to Lakes Entrance. Blaines 1st time ad my return after 6 years, nothing changed and relaxing as I remembered. I got to catch up with my x-SIL and BIL and the kids, and the kids got along so well. They were inseprable which was fantastic to see. Lots of catching up, eating good food and doing nothing but relax... God it was good. Here are some pics.

Well it was back to work and back to school and back to a routine. We have started walking and riding after dinner every night, and its so nice not to have the busy destractions for half an hour and just enjoy Blaines company. We have little chats, he picks me flowers, loves to hold my hand and big hugs at every corner. Im really enjoying it. Hopefully it helps to move some of this weight and get some fitness going.
My neice, Kayleigh turned 10 the other day. Makes me feel old, especially to remember the day she was born. For her actual birthday we went to all you can eat and ate until we made ourselves sick. On Saturday she had a party. Great weather and she had a ball. Happy Birthday Kayleigh.

Have had weather from 4 season this week. From storms and freezing to 30 degrees today. This is the rainbow from my front door Monday, and a few photos from the beach today and a few random shots too..

Well thats it for me, hopefully I can keep up to date. Until next time keep on

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 kids, animals and a crowd!

Sunday I looked after lauchy while Fleur did a class and we headed off to the local comunity show held at a farm. Gold coin donation, 2 kids, rides, lunch, lollies and a toy and i spent $30. now thats value.... Here are some pics from the weekend.

Blaine still not 100% was totally exhausted but had a great time.
School holidays have started and thanks to Mum for being able to look after Blaine for me, because as always, we are short staffed and sucker me gets stung with working. I am planning a long weekend this weekend, god knows I need it!!! Today has been a shit of a day for me!!! Blaine went to the holiday program for the 1st time. It was like a snatch and grab. Felt like he was whisped away within a second. I felt sick to the stomach and even had a cry. I worried the whole day and wondered if he was ok. He knew nobody and he seemed to be the youngest there. I hated sending him but he said he had a great time. they went to Warrigul to see WallE. He said he loved it so that makes me feel a little better. He is back there Thursday, as well as next tuesday and thursday as well. I think 2 days a week is plenty. All I want is to have my own home and be able to be home for Blaine.... Simple things yets so hard to come by. Well on the way to work this mooron was tail gating me, then almost side swiped me and then abused me as he flew by. He had his wife in the car with a new born baby and here he is more concerned about calling a fat bitch than worrying about the safety of his baby... What do you expect, the mother was mothing off as well. As you can imagine by the time I got to work id had enough. Long drawn out day, crappy wet weather and tired. We finally get home to find a letter on the door... I have no idea what it is about but all I can say at the moment that it isnt too plesent and i have no idea what its about. Life just gets better doesnt it. So after my sucky shity day, Im ready to crawl and the covers and hide from the world. So thats what im going to do. Hopefully tomorrow is a better 1. Night all and chat soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just a Saturday in September

Exhausted!! is the word of the week in my life. I have a sick kiddo with a virus and lots of vomiting. I got to have a sleep in this morning to catch up and wouldnt you know it, I must have slept funny cos now I have a stiff neck..... lol... only me!!
Blaine is doing much better. He started his holidays a little earlier than most but the poor kid has done nothing but rest up and sleep. He went to a birthday party yesturday and was so excited to see his friends. Didnt eat a single thing and started to get a bit emotional at end end because he was so tired. He must of been exhausted too because we went grocery shopping on the way home and he slept in the trolley while I shopped. I got stopped so many times saying "oh how adorable" but I felt so guilty. He has been so good today. Even had breakfast and had a suprise for me.... 'close your eyes Mum' as he leads me to his room. All I could think of was MESS!! He had made his bed by him self and gave me a hug and said ... 'your very tired so I am going to clean the house today'. He is such a good boy even though I was up until 1am the night before doing the house work but at least the thought was there.
Only 34 sleeps until the retreat and isnt that coming around quickly. Most of it is all done, just waiting on replies now. Hopefully by October I have got them all back and I can start making up the show bags etc.... Hopefully our scrap sponser hurrys up and gets their stuff out so we can get a little more organised.
Did you know its only96 sleeps until Santa comes? Is everybody organised? I have done all my Neices presents, only have my nephew to do and Blaine. Lucky thing is I know what I am getting Blaine so just need to layby it so I can pay it off. Maybe thats a job I can do next week. Hardest thing for me is that his birthday is a few weeks after Christmas and what do I get him? He wants a party so I have to be organised before end of term (I normally am) so he can invite his school mates, and I know exactly what to do for his party.
Have you checked out the whats new section in the shop? I have plenty of new stuff in and more coming over the next few weeks. I plan to scrap this weekend and hopefully get s few things done. I am about to go to the LSS to grab a sheet of paper so I can try on Hettys knickers (as Sammi says) and give her trade mark technique a go. I will show you once its done.
Dont forget the sketch competition for September is still running. Here is my take on the sketch as well as a layout I did for the CC last weekend.

Blaine had his 1st disco the week before, such a spunk (biest mother of course). Here is a couple of pics...

Well I best be off. I want to grab a few things, so until next time, keep on chatting.....