Monday, November 10, 2008

November already...

So sorry for not updating before now but wow have I been busy... All the usual dealings in a ordinary life going on here. We went on a beach picnic with Michele and her family. Blaine and I started walking every night and trying to teach Blaine how to ride without training wheels. He is down to 1 but we haven't been walking since the retreat. Best I get my but into gear and get started again. We have new neighbours. They are so lovely. I take her youngest to school everyday and pick him up but they are a great bunch of people. They even got out over the park last week and got the kids on their motorbikes for a ride. Was such a lovely day and was great to see the neighbourhood really getting envolved. Even have a school family with 6 kids that come and play and always need an extra for cricket. it's a shame I haven't won lotto yet so I can buy my own place in this estate. Here are some pics to play catch up.

Well Scrap Cap had their 1st retreat and it was brilliant, even if I do say so myself. The ladies were so beautiful IRL and were a great bunch to play with for a weekend. Plenty of alcohol for this little black duck but gosh I had a great time. The PJ party was heaps of fun and Nina's belly dance was amazing. I even got up to have a go and it was soooo hard. There was a few ladies that got into fancy dress and they looked amazing and my hat goes off to them all. Check out Sammi, Michele, Jax, Sharon, Nina and Lyndall in the photo below. I am now counting down until Scrap Cap retreat 2!!! I'm sure it will be bgger and better than this years. I am very proud to announce that we at the retreat raised $500.00 to go to Narre Warren SES in the memroy of my Dad. I am so proud of you all and thank you for supporting a caused that means so much to me... Big hugs and kisses to each and every one of you that donated in some kind of way. xoxoxoxox

I finally start getting back to a so called normal life and my little nit wit decides to climb a fence last night and falls straight over the top and falls 6 feet onto the ground. He seemed to be ok after he settled down but a very different story today. My poor little frog is in a cast with a fracture to the wrist. Hopefully it heals well and he will be out of it in 3 weeks. Today has really taken its toll so hoping for better days tomorrow.

Well thats enough from me right now. Don't forget Novembers Cybercrop is on this Friday at 7.30. Come and join in with some chat and a few laughs. A new comp will be starting very soon as well as a blog hopper comp too so keep your eye's peeled for that 1!!! Until next time, keep on chatting and take


Hetty Hall said...

Great photos Lorrie, sounds like you all had a ball at the retreat. Sorry to hear your little man hurt himself, they do have to learn the hard ways sometimes, dont they! Hope he is back to his normal self soon.
Hugs xx

Lali said...

Blogging again hey...about time lol...great photo and here's to next years retreat

Love Scrappin' said...

Hi Lovey,Great pic you have there..I hope Blaine is doing Ok..Boys will be Boys wont they!!Speak soon xx