Friday, May 30, 2008

Spics and Specks

I have had a pretty busy week but not a lot done iykwim. Last week Blaine went for an eye test after failing the school test and we had a further test again this week. Yes frog needs glasses. He is long sighted and not too bad but hopefully it will strengthen his sight (more the left) and they will correct them selves. We got to try on a few and 1 pair he put on, pulled off so quickly and said "no I look like Harry Potter",,..... Had to laugh, but the good thing is the 1's I liked were the same as what he liked so thats a good thing. So from next week he will be using them for reading, computers, writing and drawing. I will take a photo when they arrive, oh and while we were out, he had a hair cut so he will definetely look a bit spunky with the new shades. So broke is me... :(
I also have had to buy a new washing machine... $800 later so I am hoping I can pick that up next week. Next on the shopping list will be a dinning setting and a new fridge / freezer. I guess thats what happens when ypu buy everything the same time, it all falls apart the same time. Such is life.
Have you checked out the gallery lately? Wow is there some tallent in there at the moment. A big hello to all our new members. The Page Maps competition is going very well and a decision is going to be the end of me I think. Im currently working on the sleeping arrangements for the retreat and i have to say that is doing my head in. Round 3 is now up and here is my example.

Those of you that are in Melbourne, I am having a stamping up party this Sunday at 1pm and I would love for you to come. PM me if you would like to. Until next time keep on chatting....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jock Boy!!

Meet my silly fella "Jock Boy".... He had Mum and I in fits of laughter and no it wasn't prompted. He was playing with himself and came out from his room as the newest superhero in town. Thanks to mum for reminding me to take pics....

The Page Maps Competition is underway and I am so excited to see so many entries in the gallery. A huge welcome to our new members and I hope you enjoy it here at SC as much as the rest of us do. We are already upto round 2 and the qaulity of work is outstanding.
Not a lot happening in Lorrie land apart form lots of appointments like physio and hydro and eye tests for the boy. 1 more to go for him to see what the results are and if he will need glasses or not. A little over 5 weeks and i am driving back in my little baby Stu and boy have i mised it. Even sleeping on my tummy again and let me tell you how good that feels. Trying to keep the scrapping going but thats failing dismally at the moment but I am about to go to HN to get a few more photos printed so i can finish off a layout or 2 tonight. Here is a couple I have done over the past week or so.

Well thats it for me, until next time take care and keep on chatting.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A new comp and a new DT

The "Page Maps" competition was launched last night with round 1 and the bonus round are underway. Scrapbook Capital is also looking for a new Designer Team and to apply all you need to do is to complete the 8 rounds to the competition including the bonus round. I am really looking forward to seeing every bodies entries and I hope we have a better turn out for the competition and DT aplications compared to the last DT call and BOM competition. There will be prizes awarded and will be in the forum shortly.
It has been 4 weeks since my operation and I am walking on my own and getting back to normal. 2 more weeks and i will be back behind the wheel. Can't wait until that happens and get back to normality.
A big congratulations to Sharon Lee for winning the BOM competition. Sharon won $300 worth of scrapbook products for her efforts. Janet also received a $30 voucher for her efforts and was awarded the encouragement award. I would like to thank everybody for supporting and taking part of the competition and a big thanks to my judges that had the hard decision to choose a winner.
Nothing else happening here. Waiting on a reply from the landlord about the rent increase to see if i will be house hunting again or not. Fingers crossed he reconsideres his actions and i can stay put. Im back at work and nothing has changed. Still plenty of the normal office crap thats happens going on but thats life. Thanks Fleur, Suzie and Michele for the scrap night on Saturday, even though there wasnt a lot of scrapping being done i managed to get 2 completed.
Here are my layouts....

The dentist layout was from last months sketch competition and the Santa's hat is round 1 of the new competition.

And finally this is Blaines school photo.... Getting too big too quick. Until next time take care and keep on chatting... and don't forget to check out the new competition and the new sketch competition on the site now....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 21

It has been 3 weeks since my operation and I am walking on my own with no crutches, back at work, and moving around really well. cant wait to Im driving and sleeping on my tummy but i am sure it wont be long now. my scar looks great and i am so glad I demanded stitches. Apart from the allergic reaction from the sterry strips it looks pretty darn good. Take a look for your self....
The Becky Fleck "PAGE MAPS" book has finally arrived and i only have a few copies left. It is a gorgeous well presented book and such great value for money. The BOM competition is finally over and I am hoping to have a winner tomorrow night. Just waiting on a few votes and as soon as they are in we will have a winner.
In the next week or so I will be running a new competition along with Fleur, and this will really get your Mojo on the go...... This comp will suit everybodies flair and i cant wait until we get started.
I have managed to get 1 layout done but it was for a photo swap and I have sent it to Nicole without taking a photo.....silly me but i hope you like it Nic.
Well nothing else to chat about. I am hoping to get a few girls together to scrap on Saturday night and cybercrop next week and lets hope i can find my mojo and get some scrapping done.
OH...... before I go I have a massive paper clearance in the shop and some papers are as low as $0.36 cents a sheet. Only until stocks last.... so check out the paper, specialty paper and paper packs and kits to grab yourself a bargin. Until next time... keep on chatting...... Lorriexxxxxx