Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 21

It has been 3 weeks since my operation and I am walking on my own with no crutches, back at work, and moving around really well. cant wait to Im driving and sleeping on my tummy but i am sure it wont be long now. my scar looks great and i am so glad I demanded stitches. Apart from the allergic reaction from the sterry strips it looks pretty darn good. Take a look for your self....
The Becky Fleck "PAGE MAPS" book has finally arrived and i only have a few copies left. It is a gorgeous well presented book and such great value for money. The BOM competition is finally over and I am hoping to have a winner tomorrow night. Just waiting on a few votes and as soon as they are in we will have a winner.
In the next week or so I will be running a new competition along with Fleur, and this will really get your Mojo on the go...... This comp will suit everybodies flair and i cant wait until we get started.
I have managed to get 1 layout done but it was for a photo swap and I have sent it to Nicole without taking a photo.....silly me but i hope you like it Nic.
Well nothing else to chat about. I am hoping to get a few girls together to scrap on Saturday night and cybercrop next week and lets hope i can find my mojo and get some scrapping done.
OH...... before I go I have a massive paper clearance in the shop and some papers are as low as $0.36 cents a sheet. Only until stocks last.... so check out the paper, specialty paper and paper packs and kits to grab yourself a bargin. Until next time... keep on chatting...... Lorriexxxxxx


suzie said...

so glad your doing so well..and back at work already you are a superwomen..your scar looks heaps better and it will only keep on getting better...take care

Anthea said...

WOW, neat scar Lorrie! it has healed well!!! looking forward to the next comp too, oh and was I ment to vote in the BOM? cause I didnt get a PM on it

Nicole said...

your scar's looking good, but ouch it must of hurt.

I'll take a pic of the page when it comes, I'm awful for photographing my work before sending it. Really try to make the effort now though.


fleurie said...

awesome scar lorrie...youll be the cool kid in the!

cant wait for the new 'suprise'

and IM so LOVIN my Becky Fleck book...such good value I agree

Lali said...

WOW that is one hum dinger of a scar but it sure has healed realy well great to hear you are doing well

Julie H said...

Wow, you are recovering in leaps and bounds chicky!! And the scar is healing really well in just three weeks.
Looking forward to the new comp at SC.

chat soon
Julie xx