Friday, May 30, 2008

Spics and Specks

I have had a pretty busy week but not a lot done iykwim. Last week Blaine went for an eye test after failing the school test and we had a further test again this week. Yes frog needs glasses. He is long sighted and not too bad but hopefully it will strengthen his sight (more the left) and they will correct them selves. We got to try on a few and 1 pair he put on, pulled off so quickly and said "no I look like Harry Potter",,..... Had to laugh, but the good thing is the 1's I liked were the same as what he liked so thats a good thing. So from next week he will be using them for reading, computers, writing and drawing. I will take a photo when they arrive, oh and while we were out, he had a hair cut so he will definetely look a bit spunky with the new shades. So broke is me... :(
I also have had to buy a new washing machine... $800 later so I am hoping I can pick that up next week. Next on the shopping list will be a dinning setting and a new fridge / freezer. I guess thats what happens when ypu buy everything the same time, it all falls apart the same time. Such is life.
Have you checked out the gallery lately? Wow is there some tallent in there at the moment. A big hello to all our new members. The Page Maps competition is going very well and a decision is going to be the end of me I think. Im currently working on the sleeping arrangements for the retreat and i have to say that is doing my head in. Round 3 is now up and here is my example.

Those of you that are in Melbourne, I am having a stamping up party this Sunday at 1pm and I would love for you to come. PM me if you would like to. Until next time keep on chatting....


Hetty said...

Hiya hun, sorry to hear about your washing machine, things always seem to brake down at the same time, don't they. Can't wait to see a photo of Blaine with his new haircut and glasses on, I bet he looks really spunky. Really enjoying the competition at the moment Lorrie, keep them coming.

Julie H said...

Can't wait to see a pic of spunksta Blain in his new specs!!
Bugger bout the washing machine - always happens at the worst times doesn't it.
You've done a fabbo job organising the retreat chicky. Don't be too fussed over the sleep arrangements - sure there won't be a whole lot of snoozing going on lol.

chat soon
Julie xx

Nicole said...

mmm we have the same problem everything seems to go bust at the same time. Bugger about the glasses, god knows how exy they are. I really should wear mine more often.

Having fun with the comp. :)