Wednesday, June 4, 2008

goggs on blog!!

Check out my little spunk.......

Dont you think he looks gorgeous.... I am biest but I do. The boys at school think he is pretty cool, and his teacher has been calling him a little spunk but the girls are so forward with the compliments. Im sure they will get used to it.
Not only did Blaine get glasses but I have had a battle with a white fluffy animal, actually black muddy filthy animal I should say. You will know what i mean when you see the pics. I spent Saturday at the pet shop trying to come with a solution for Lilly to stop digging, so $20 later i come home with a tub of stay off. It worked for the afternoon and thats it. After I put soil down, sown some grass seed and layed down the stay off this was the result.....

The next whole she digs will be her own..... Little bugger
Thanks to Fleur for holding my Stamping Up party on Sunday and thanks to Michele, Sarah, Nina, Dordy, Sharon, Jacqui, and Sandie for making the day a special one. I hope you all had fun.
Round 4 of the page maps competition is now up and the gallery is chock a block of fabulous work. here is the sketch and my sample for this round.

and here's 1 i did this week....
Well thats about it for now. Long weekend this weekend, so hopefully i get something productive done. I have a tupperware party to go toso I hope i can control myself and if the weather is ok, I wouldnt mind taking Blaine out but i guess i will wait and see. Until next time.... keep on chatting and take care....


Hetty said...

Lol at Lillie, I know though this is not cute to you, hope you can get some good advice soon.
Love the latest sketch, comp is going great.
Speak soon

fleurie said...

i wont say the puppy is cute.....but WOOK AT HER...she is SO Cu......giggle!

blaine looks super spunky...they suit him very well.

Loved doing the latest becky sketch

and thanks for having me on sunday..i had a great time

see you at the tupperware party

Jodi said...

Hi.. was doing a little bit of blog searching and stumbled across your blog... that dog is so cute... and dirty... One good way to keep dogs out of the areas that they are digging... is to put their 'poo's' in the hole!!! They arn't so keen thereafter!! Hope that works...