Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mid Year already....

Wow how fast has this year gone? School holidays are here and I feel so guilty that I am not home with my child. I believe that I should be home with him and not putting him here and there so I can work. I would give up work in a second so I can stay home with him. I think I will put in for xmas holidays so I am home looking after him. Bugger it!!! Time for a holiday weather the boss likes it or not. I am taking a day off mid week each week to take him out. I think this Wednesday we will go to Phillip Island to Amazing Things and the nature park, then out for dinner along the beach at the little white Italian place in the main street then go and watch the penguins come in and head home. The following Wednesday we are heading of to Soverign Hill as they will have snow too, so to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. Thanks to Fleur, she is taking the boys to space kids tomorrow so thanks honey, I really appreciate it like you wouldnt believe.
Not a lot happening in my world. Its my sisters birthday today, she turns 29 on the 29th. She wanted her kids schools pics framed so i did that for her and also brought a memory board and filled with pics of her kids and the nieces and nephews all in sepia. I must say it looked real classy. We went there for fish and chips so nothing exciting. I might organise something for her 30th next year considering i paid for my borthers 18th, 21st and his engagement and i dont think i have done anything for her. She loves hunchbaxs so i think that might be the go.
Im trying to put some puzzle pieces together and i must say they are doing my head in. I might give it up and try another day. I do have 1 verse, just need to work out the finished format. They are coming girls, I promise.
Friday night i had a linen party and for a small group i did pretty well. I ended up getting a Q doona set, sheet and pillow cases, as well as a set for Blaine for $100. I save $170 so thanks girls for coming and those who placed orders.
Dont forget we arre having a girls night on the 11th. We are going out to the movies and dinner so please i would love it if you could come. Only 116 days until the Retreat and i am getting excited about that too. I really need to get so many things done before the time has crept up on me and bites me on the arse......
Lots of new goodies are in store and more arriving in the next few days and the following week so keep your eyes open for that.
We are up to round 7 on the DT search. Only 1 more round until the end ad the decsion making is going to be very hard. I have decided to ask a few girls to help me on the decision with their views and opinions. I have received to applications so far and waiting on a few more. Please make sure you get these to me asap so i can carefully scan through them. Here is a few more layouts since last post.

Ive been tagged by Fleur so here are my answers:

Question 1:Ten years ago.
I was nearly 25 and dating
I was working for Austrlia Post and working my way to management
I lived at home still in a bungalow
And was selling tupperware
Question #2:Five things on today’s “to do list”-(Monday)
Drop Blaine off at Fleurs in the morning
Go to work and finish everything for the end of the month/financial year
Finish of the puzzle pieces
do a load of washing
Question #3:Snacks I enjoy
dip and biscuits
Question #4:Things I would do if I was a millionaire
Buy plenty of land and build the house of my dreams with a pool.
Buy a scrapbook shop/post office in 1
Buy a house for my Mum, brother and Sister
Set up trust funds for Blaine and my nieces and nephews
Question #5:Places I have lived
Currently live in officer
Have lived in Berwick

So now my turn to tag and I tag:
Julie H
Nicole P
Well I think its time for me to head to bed.... until next time keep on chatting....


Julie H said...

How quick is this year flying along?? CANNOT wait for the retreat, it's going to be a blast no doubt. If you need a hand with anything just give a sing out.
Enjoy your days off with Blaine - would love to see some pix of snow, really missing our snow trips.

chat soon
Julie xx

suzie said...

You have some great layouts there Lorrie.Enjoy those days you've planned with blaine..and whats this place at Phillip Island sounds good!Let me know!