Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adventure 1.... Im exhausted

I took today off to spend with Blaine for school holidays and wow am i exhauseted. We went to Phillip Island. We started off at the chocolate factory, and was very boring and a waste of time so from there we went to Amaze n things. We spent a few hours there tackling maze's and puzzles and even a game of mini gold. Apart from te rain it was a bit of fun. We had lunch there so we could recharge the batteries and start again. heres a few pics.

Could you imagine having 6 Blaines... oooh please thats a
From there we headed to the Grand Prix track. We played a few games, Blaine had a go at the slot car track and loved it and then we had a go at the go karts, now that was heaps of fun.

It was finally time to head to the penguin parade and I must say it was wet windy and bloody freezing. I was so wet cold and tired that we left and went to cowes and had dinner and I must say it was the best past I have ever had. Delicious. We used to go down there all the time b4 I was married so I knew that was where we were going to eat. i tell you the drive home was long and tedious and after a hot hot bubble bath i crawled into bed until Blaine woke me this morning (thing I might be still sleeping if he didnt.). Next Wednesday is soverign hill with snow.... wish me luck. Until next time, keep chatting.


Nicole said...

Sounds like you had a very full on day, makes me tired just reading it.

Some awesome pics there too Lorrie


Julie H said...

LOL - some funny pix in there Lorrie - love the head on a platter shot and the one of six blaines lol.
Sounds like a big day for you both. Have always wanted to go to phillip island to see the peguins but we just never got round to doing it.
Have a blast next week at sovereign hill - cannot wait to see some snow pix.

Julie xx

Hetty Hall said...

Great pix hun and you have been tagged with an award, check out my blog for details,

phatassphairy said...

looks like you had a fun day ,.....but brrrr those winter jackets made me feel chilli just looking at them ...guess that's why i am a north queensland