Saturday, July 19, 2008

The good the bad and the ugly!!!

This is predicted to be a long post!!! Grab a cuppa...
Well since my last post a bit has been happening.
Our trip to Soverign Hill was cancelled due to snow fall and black ice on the roads. My history with black ice has ended up in disaster each and every time so i did not want to chance it (may be i should have).... SO Fleur, Lauchy, Blaine and i went to the museum. After spending easily 40 minutes looking to find a park we got lucky and found a spot. WE both made sure we checked the signs and paid for the parking metre and off we went. Lunch 1st up and waited half an hour to get to order. Bellys full and off we went to check out some educational babble. Kids were bouncing off the walls and after about 3 hours we decided to head outside for the kids to run off some steam. Of course as we were at Carlton Gardens i had to take some pics and then headed for the car.....Fleur politely turns to me and says is that your car they are towing...... wholey shit I ran like the wind. After pleading and begging and a bit of bribery and the kids screaming their heads off becasue they were so scared the a@$eholes drove off with the car with nothing and no directions to where they were taking it. As you can imagine I was a little upset (thats an understatement) and we walked from the city to Collingwood in the cold and getting dark night with 2 5 year olds. We finally managed to locate the depot by following the maggots with other cars they had towed and i went in their with guns firing....... I can now say that our children know each and every swear word in the English language, i tell you I gave it to them. After $320 to release the car I was allowed into the lot only to find another fine of $130. I jumped into the car, slamming the door, reving the shizenhour out of it to go to take off with a huge skid, but no dickhead me stalled it which made me even angryer. I finally got to do the big skid out of the lot and picked up Fleur and the kids. Poor Fleur, held onto life. I think i really scared her. She whispered "do you think you need to pull over to calm down" to my reply NO!!! and then followed in an ocean of tears...... Then i had no idea where we were, so after driving around and heading to the city (figured I could find my way home from there) we drove home very quiet and very sedate! I can honestly say it was a really shitful day and i am sure Fleur will vouch for that.

A few girls from SC hit the town on a Friday night for dinner, drinks and a movie. We went to the Fountain Gate Hotel and I have to say the meals were huge and delicious. We had a great time and headed up to the cinema's were tragedy happened. Poor Lyndall went to the toilet and had her hand bag stollen. The poor girl had lost the lot and even missed out on the movie. It cost her a new phone, new keys for the car and house as well as a new ignition and a hand bag.... She is having so much bad luck..... But on a positive side, we saw mamma Mia and it was bloody brilliant. We all plan on doing the whole night over again. It was fantastic and i recommend it to all of you to see.
Here are a bunch of spunks!!! hehe
Over at Scrapbook Capital, our DT/Page maps comeptition has come to an end and the talent that was produced was mind blowing. In saying that, the decision to select a designer team was extremely difficult. I wish i could use them all but sadly my finances dont stretch that far. The overall winner of the page maps competition went to Maria aka J@zzi...... Maria chose the BG magnetic board and magnet as her prize. I hope you enjoy your prize Maria.

I decided to work out what i had at SC and what SC needed in terms of promotion and product use, so thats what i based the final decision on. Julie Heard continues as a SC Artist and will also be running a class or 2 at the retreat, so that will be very exciting. Fleur will also pop in from time to time to teach us in tutorials as well. Hetty Hall also joins the artist team with her amazing talent and as she is now on the Kaiser team, I am sure we will all be blown away with her OTP talent as well as her beautiful layouts.

The 1st DT member is Sharon Lee who will concerntrate mainly on cards and will be running class tutorials monthly on "how to" in card making. The 2nd DT member is Tracy Firth. Tracy blew me away with her OTP designs and i really think she will bring something to the table and create a bit of interest in OTP designs. Welcome ladies and i hope you enjoy your time at SC.

Julie Heard has a weekly challenge "THE LITTLE THINGS" going at the moment and will run for 12 weeks. Pop in to see her weekly task each Tuesday.
Only 95 days to the retreat and all is getting very exciting. Full payments are required by 1 September so please make arrangements now if you wish to pay it off.
The DT/Artist team ran a cybercrop Friday night and wow, their challenges and examples were brilliant. Pop in and have a look. You have until Monday midnight to upload your entries in the gallery. We have also had a flood of new members so welcome and i hope you enjoy your time a SC..
Well I think I have babbled on long enough so until next time, take care and keep on chatting....


suzie said...

What bad luck with the car being towed away..But what a great DT Team you have there such a talent bunch of the way Lorrie" Is that your car being towed away in my drive way" He he SORRY !! JUST KIDDING LOVEY XXX

Lali said...

Think you have got yourself a great team there Lorrie, want nothing for the best for you ya.

Have to agree Mamma Mia was the bestest movie ever

Hetty Hall said...

Sending some positive vibes your way so nothing but good things will happen to you from now on. Thanks for a great CC the other night and thank you so much for having me on the SC team, it is a great honour.

Tracy Firth said...

I have just found your blog and this post - YOU POOR THING!! Thank you for the great privilege of being one of the new kids on the block!! So looking forward to working with you. Only wish I could come to the retreat.
I agree Mama Mia was the best movie I have seen in ages.

phatassphairy said...

I cant wait till i am in that group pic ,,,,,,kik,,,how many sleeps now???