Sunday, January 27, 2008

week 1 holidays

Well it has definitely been a busy week. Monday was a quiet day at home and we both needed it especially after such a big week before. Tuesday we went to Weribee Open Range Zoo. Sadly my car broke down just as we arrived so a big stressful day with a migraine didn't help. I had never been to that zoo before and i loved it. They take you on this safari bus around to see the animals and i was so surprised how close we got to them. Here are a few that I took. I love the rhino pic....

My Car ended up being towed to my Nan's where it was left for the night. A couple of trains and a bus and a long trip and we finally made it to Mum's where we walked to work and picked up another car to get home. We slept so well that night i tell you. My uncle went and had a look at my car and apparently it took him 3 minutes to fix. I always have my car serviced but lets just say i will be going else where now to have it done. Apparently a spark plug had fallen out and 1 was just about out. All that and the cost of a tow for a bloody spark plug. Thank god it was only that. Wednesday was another long trip to the other side of the city to pick up my car. We made it a family trip and took mum with us. Wednesday night found us at Fleur's for a BBQ (thanks Fleur) and a couple of games of bowling. Blaine got his 1st strike..... He was so blown away and excited and kept calling himself the dude..... Here's a couple of pics.....

Thursday we went to Pakenham Inn for lunch with Kelly. It was so good to catch up. I even scored a yummy meringue dessert for free. Great food, great atmosphere and the best company. I had a really great day. Then we went shopping for Blaine to spend his 'cash' from his birthday and as you would guess, plenty more matchbox cars, a race track and DVD's. Friday was back at work for the day and Friday night went to the drive in to see walk hard. Don't bother, it was crap. DVD movie only.... a few laughs but expected so much more. I have done nothing all weekend apart from a layout I just finished. I plan to scrap a couple more tonight and cook the boy and I a BBQ.

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Until next time...... xxxx

Sunday, January 20, 2008

No baby anymore...

Have you ever gone to bed and woke up the next morning to see that the baby you have raised is all of a sudden a big boy/girl over night? It happened to me yesturday. Blaine turned 5 on Thursday but as I was looking at him last night, the baby i once saw was no longer there. There was this little boy standing in front of me and for a second I was sad. But I am sure this next stage in his life will be just as exciting as the last 5 years has been.Thursday was a fun day for Blaine but an absolute shocker for me. We had to wait over 1.5 hours for our meals for lunch, we went bowling and my camera was stollen, lit my brand new BBQ to burn in and I definetely did that. Flames from the gas connection.... Smashed my sunglasses while putting out the fire and Blaine's puppy he got for his birthday was fitting and vomitting all night (we think she ate a bee). I obviously did something wrong cos that was Kama biting me on the arse... I'm sure.
Saturday was Blaine's party. We went to Timezone and the played laserquest and the machines for a few hours. From there we went to Hungry Jacks for lunch. Was a great day, long day but heaps of fun.

Today was housework and gardening day and man i hate gardening. I am ellergic to most weeds but there must be 1 there that is worse than others because for hours later I had a burning sensation along my arm and my hands felf like they were raw. I should invest in some gloves and wear a shirt next time.
Well I am on holidays for the next 2 weeks. I still have to work Fridays but I can deal with that. I am planning to go phillip island to see the penguins, werribee open range zoo, custom car show (blaine loves cars), movies, Frankston foreshore to see the sand sculpting and hopefully to Noogee waterfalls. That will definetely fill up the next 2 weeks and Blaine has his 1st day of school the following Thursday..... Everything is organised, just need to iron on the name labels and thats that.
Until next time.... take care......xxxx

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

Well its a few days in now for 2008 and back at work for me. I am so busy only becasue i am taking a couple of weeks of to get organised for Blaines 1st day of school.
Apart from work, not a lot really happened on the social scene. The 27th we went to the pier with Mum so she could remember Dad on the 2nd anniversary of his death. Seems so long ago and the kids really are missing him. Took a few shots while I was there. My little bugger spent the trip home nude because I am sure he purposely fell in the water.

New years eve was a bit of a flop. We headed in to the city to see the family fire works at 9pm and we sat along the yarra, all we got to see was a reflection of a building. We would have been in the perfect spot if we stayed for the midnight fireworks which really bugged me when i seen it on tv. I was not very happy. Then trying to find somewhere open for us to eat.... what a joke. Ended up at KFC in Springvale and half our order was missing after a half hour wait.
Here is a couple of pics from NYE. 1 of mum and Blaine and the other just a pic of the city.

Thanks to Fleur and Dale, we counted down the end of year at Fleurs and the kids had a slip 'n' slide and midnight. It was so hot here but the kids had a ball.

I also managed to get a layout completed as well on Top 50, which you can vote for me with this link.... hint hint.... (shamayo). Here is my layout. 1st in a month and you can
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