Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year

Well its a few days in now for 2008 and back at work for me. I am so busy only becasue i am taking a couple of weeks of to get organised for Blaines 1st day of school.
Apart from work, not a lot really happened on the social scene. The 27th we went to the pier with Mum so she could remember Dad on the 2nd anniversary of his death. Seems so long ago and the kids really are missing him. Took a few shots while I was there. My little bugger spent the trip home nude because I am sure he purposely fell in the water.

New years eve was a bit of a flop. We headed in to the city to see the family fire works at 9pm and we sat along the yarra, all we got to see was a reflection of a building. We would have been in the perfect spot if we stayed for the midnight fireworks which really bugged me when i seen it on tv. I was not very happy. Then trying to find somewhere open for us to eat.... what a joke. Ended up at KFC in Springvale and half our order was missing after a half hour wait.
Here is a couple of pics from NYE. 1 of mum and Blaine and the other just a pic of the city.

Thanks to Fleur and Dale, we counted down the end of year at Fleurs and the kids had a slip 'n' slide and midnight. It was so hot here but the kids had a ball.

I also managed to get a layout completed as well on Top 50, which you can vote for me with this link.... hint hint.... (shamayo). Here is my layout. 1st in a month and you can
Dont forget to pop in at to check out the 2 new competitions going at the moment. Also next Friday 11th is the 1st Cybercrop for the year..... 7.30pm start so pop in and check out whats going on. Until next time.... take care....sweet dreams


suzie said...

Hi lorrie..great photos & love your off to vote for you!

Anthea said...

Hi Lorrie, what a great place to remember your Dad.

great LO and photos!! heres to 2008

Hetty said...

Love the photo's Lorrie, going to vote for your layout now. Hugs!!!

Julie H said...

Great shots Lorrie - how blue is the water there!!
Bummer about the NYE fireworks, though looks like you all had fun later on ... lol that slip and slide looks heaps fun!!!

chat soon
Julie xx