Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back from holidays...

What a hot hot week... 40+ temps all week and a pretty shade of lobster red.... Remind me when Blaine puts sunscreen on to wear a shirt too. I have such a sore shoulder blade along the bra strap area because the little bloke missed it, and even 4 days later is still very tender. The Aussie sun is so harsh and these temperatures are killers. On top of the heat and fighting fires because num nuts like to start fires for kicks..... God i would like to string them up by their balls and slowly burn them..... Don't get me started....
Well we spent 4 days at Lakes Entrance. We spent the most of the day in the caravan with the poor air con struggling to keep to 30 degrees, then late arvo in the pool to cool down. We looked like drown rats by the time it was dinner. We ended up eating out for lunch in air con pubs and the food was fantastic. Especially the floating resturant. The food was sensational and apart from the waves and the initial motion sickness feeling, was fantastic and would go back for sure. Last night i spent peeling fresh prawns and digging out oysters... oh yummo.... A few trips to the ice cream parlour and some night walks along the beach because it was so hot during the day. I really needed the break. I could go back and do nothing for another week i think but about 10 degrees cooler would have been nice. i brought home some mud crads and will cook them up tomorrow night with some black bean sauce and fried rice tomorrow night... yummo. Will be sure to take a pic of the mess i make while
Here are some pics from our time away.
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Here is the tag pic and my photo too.

A pic I took of blaine when i was teaching him to ride without training wheels. We were across the road from home but nope didnt want to use the toilet, told me boys wee on tree's.... oh well what do you do!!!

Well tomorrow will be a day of preperation for the return to school and work. Big grade 1 for Blaine and another shitful week for Hopefully they get the forcast wrong and its under 30 all week. Well thats enough for me right now. Until next time... keep on chatting. Oh and don't forget to say hi!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lakeside Family Day

What a ball..... Michele, Josh, Blaine and I spent yesturday afternoon at lakeside family day. The kids got to meet Ben 10 and we then walked around the lake and stopped at the park. We went to Viola's for dinner... Oh my lordy, sensational and the meals were massive...So were the toblerones.... yummo!!! We were all sooooo full we rolled back to the lake and set up ground to spend the rest of the night watching bands and waiting for fire works. The kids really shook it up all night long and we were laughing, singing and just being real dills as you can see in the pics. A little sunburnt but all in all a really great night. It was so good to get out and enjoy some fresh air and some really good food. Can't wait until the next 1 now!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Look Mum !!!

Look Mum!!! No training wheels......
Yep my little frog is now a big boy and can ride without training wheels. I am a very proud Mummy even though Wednesday when I was trying to teach him I thought I would go nuts. Lets just say Mummy's patience by 8 o'clock on a hot day isn't very good. We went for our nightly walk and while riding his bike, Blaine broke his 1 and only training wheel on a gutter. I thought it was a perfect time to get him off them anyway now my big boy is 6 so the rest of the way I ran and held him and boy what a work out. We finally made it to the park which as a slight hill and I let him go. He stayed on and I thought thats it.... So a couple more runs and he had it..... Off he went and no stopping him now. Thursday night we walked Berwick Springs Lake and wow I didn't realise how big that was. We came home, had a bath and we were both asleep within 5 minutes of finishing the bath. Last night we will battled another track. This time was lakeside and wow how nice. I could see myself living there right by the lake. Here is my clever boy in action.

After our walk last night we brought home Lilly and headed back to Lakeside where they had pictures in the park. They were showing Beverely Hills Chiuahua and was pretty good with a few funny bits. It was such a gorgeous night. This morning after doing a few chores, we stopped at the post office then went back to lakeside for a bit of Brunch, only cos we missed breaky :( never mind. Then we went for another lakeside walk/ride. So nice and relaxing but still having drama's with my shin. Tonight at lakeside they have a meet and greet with Ben 10 and a U2 cover band then fire works. Iwill be sure to carry the camera if we go. Here is a pic of Blaine last night at pictures in the park... Until next time... Keep on

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Its hot out there

Well Melbourne sure got a taste of Summer this week. Monday was mid 30's and Tuesday as high as 42 in some parts and boy was it sticky. A bit nicer today but back in the 30's for the rest of the week. Hopefully the good weather hangs around next week when Im on holidays.... woohoo.... A week off and this week is going so so so slow.
Blaine and I braved the heat Monday night with my cousin Eloise and her Daughter Emilia at the Melbourne Zoo. It was even too hot for the animals cos they were all in hiding. It was really nice though especially with the gardens and took the edge off the heat. Here sre some pics from Monday.

A big congratulations to Sammi for taking out the Cybercrop members choice prize of a $15 voucher to spend in the shop. I will be working out a Cybercrop calendar soon so you can be all organised and prepared for the next 6 months. Round 2 for the CJ topic competition is about to go up in the forum. Come on over and join in, you could win yourself a massive prize pack from kaiser craft. Also I am now taking bookings for the Scrap Cap retreat 2009, get in quick to avoid disappointment. We are half full already... Im off to cook dinner and get into some scrapping... Until next time, keep on chatting.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Blaine

Happy 6th Birthday
Blaine celebrated his 6th birthday yesturday and he had a great time. He had a ten pin bowling party for his friends with a yummy Ben 10 chocolate Ice cream cake. He got some great pressies such as matchbox cars, transformers, a couple of dvd's, a cd, some cold hard cash, and an alien thingy.
Last night we also had a family party with his Nan, Aunties, a couple of his cousins and a few neighbours. We had pizza and cake (again of course) and played wii and singstar until late. More pressies such as a ds game, cd player from nanny and a cd. A couple of read a long books and a cd from Mummy including his beautiful new bed, toy trolleys and book shelf and he also got some Ben 10 stuff too. He had an amazing day and here are a few snaps from yesturday.

I had to laugh though when I was tucking him in last night when he says "Mummy, how many sleeps to Easter Bunny comes?" gee kiddo, let me get over today 1st. He is very excited being 6. He is now gone to his Dad's just for a few more presents. I think the kid has plenty. His grand parents have brought him a new bike so will be sure to show some pics as soon I can.
It's been a pretty quiet couple of weeks especially with the return to work which has been flat out. Blaine has been in holiday program and has been to the zoo, go karting, a live show and a few other activities. This is his last week and this week he has a trip the the movies. The following week I am having off so i can spend some time with him before he goes back to school to big grade 1.
At SCRAPBOOK CAPITAL the new CJ theme layout competition was launched Wednesday. There will be 10 rounds and round 1 is already underway. Why not give it a go. You might just end up winner the prize pack up for grabs.
Congratulations to Jules for taking out the Build It Up competition run by Sharon last week. Your prize pack will be on its way tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it. A new range of Kaiser items hot of the press.

A massive welcome to Sammi the new swap sister at Scrap CAP. Sammi will sure to bring plenty of buzz and excitement to the site especially with her bubbly out going personality and her swap idea's too. Jump on over and check out the swap section and get involved.

The 1st round of "the search for the cybercrop QUEEN" will be decided in the next few days. For those of you that missed round 1, I will pop up a bonus round for you a little later so you can catch up on points.

Also coming soon is the new realease of cookbooking book. To launch this book, a competition will be set in a few weeks and the winner will receive a copy of this fabulous scrapbook book.

Just a few projects from the January cybercrop. The theme was NEW.
Until next time, keep on chatting.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sand Sculpting 2009

Sand Sculpting was back at Frankston beach so Blaine and I made a day of it. After finding my keys after an hour long search (they were in the bin!!! don't ask me how or why) and school shoe shopping we headed to the beach. An expensive and not the greatest lunch at Davey's Pub along the beach we went Dinosaur hunting, and a hunting we went!!! The theme this year was Dinostory. Here is some photos of the day. Not much more to report. Yesturday was a day of lunch at the pancake parlour and library so blaine could borrow books to get back into reading before school starts. I've got Dr Rob coming over to work some computer magic tomorrow, my sister and her boyfriend for a late lunch and between both i hope to mow the lawn with my new mower. Back to work Monday..... God i am so not looking forward to that. Well lets just enjoy tomorrow. Until next time... Keep on chatting.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here

Kiss goodbye 2008 cos 2009 is here. After a very quiet night at home watching the new year come in on TV, today Blaine and I made up for it. After packing a picnic lunch we drove to Korrumburra to Coal Creek. It is a historical village, and being New Years Day, the roads were quiet and so was the village. We strolled around for hours looking at historical things from 1890. Blaine hopped on an old scale and weighed 3 stone 7 pounds. Looking at the scale for the period of the 1890's Blaine's age and weight would class him as 9 years old (keep in mind he is still only 5). There was an old gent telling us things about the coal mine and he was saying at the age of 8, boys would be sent down the mine to work. Due to the coal dust, the fuel that they used to light the mine and other factors, children dying as young as 15 due to the working conditions. He told us a boy at the age of 8 who was the size of Blaine, was sent down the mine to work. By the time he was 13 the boy had lost half his lung compacity and lived until he was 92. Just walking and looking at their living and working conditions, life even though very hard was so much simpler. I walked into their bank and wage office and i could see myself working in such an environment. If life could just slow down, take away some of the mod cods, live of the land, smell the air oh what a life that would be. I tihnk i was born in the wrong era. I think the other thing that I loved about this place was the country setting with the lakes and tree's and hills. I think i need to meet a good old country boy. I could see myself as a farmers wife, milking the cows etc.... lol... listen to me..... think I might be tired. Anyway, we had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks, took a train ride, looked around a little more then headed to Cauldermede Farm.
Here are some pics from Coal Creek. We got to the farm and walked around the animal nursery. How cute was the deer and the calves. It was so nice just to walk around, pat the animals and enjoy the country side. After a few pics, we headed into the cafe where we had iced chocolate and scones jam and cream. Oh my lordy,,, the cream was to die for and i would know, I am a cream conissure......after all i didnt get a body like this not enjoying a good old dollop of cream. We then headed over to the milking sheds. It was so interesting to watch 100´s of cows get milked by this mammoth machine and wow how quick it was to milk them. And once again it was all free (apart from the food). A long drive home (well it felt like that) we got home about 5. Blaine was sound asleep, so I popped him straight into my bed for a very much needed nap. I did all my computer bits and thought i would lie beside him and watch a bit of TV and wouldnt you know... i was also in the land of nod.
It must be time to get back into work mode.... earlier nights, house cleaned and organised, ironing done, cooking proper meals etc.... back to the crap!!! cos the crap will be back on Monday...Argghhhh!!!
Well here are some shots from the farm. Tomorrow we might hit Frankston beach to see the dinosaur sand sculptures, then to the library to get some books to get blaine reading again before he heads back to school. Im sure i will have more to read tomorrow. Until then....keep on chatting...