Friday, January 23, 2009

Look Mum !!!

Look Mum!!! No training wheels......
Yep my little frog is now a big boy and can ride without training wheels. I am a very proud Mummy even though Wednesday when I was trying to teach him I thought I would go nuts. Lets just say Mummy's patience by 8 o'clock on a hot day isn't very good. We went for our nightly walk and while riding his bike, Blaine broke his 1 and only training wheel on a gutter. I thought it was a perfect time to get him off them anyway now my big boy is 6 so the rest of the way I ran and held him and boy what a work out. We finally made it to the park which as a slight hill and I let him go. He stayed on and I thought thats it.... So a couple more runs and he had it..... Off he went and no stopping him now. Thursday night we walked Berwick Springs Lake and wow I didn't realise how big that was. We came home, had a bath and we were both asleep within 5 minutes of finishing the bath. Last night we will battled another track. This time was lakeside and wow how nice. I could see myself living there right by the lake. Here is my clever boy in action.

After our walk last night we brought home Lilly and headed back to Lakeside where they had pictures in the park. They were showing Beverely Hills Chiuahua and was pretty good with a few funny bits. It was such a gorgeous night. This morning after doing a few chores, we stopped at the post office then went back to lakeside for a bit of Brunch, only cos we missed breaky :( never mind. Then we went for another lakeside walk/ride. So nice and relaxing but still having drama's with my shin. Tonight at lakeside they have a meet and greet with Ben 10 and a U2 cover band then fire works. Iwill be sure to carry the camera if we go. Here is a pic of Blaine last night at pictures in the park... Until next time... Keep on

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phatassphairy said...

go blaine go .....Lorrie you big mother ....taking a pic while he is whissing lol..YOU have to scrap that .....GREAT PICS and am so glad you are enjoying your walks, wish i was there to come with you