Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sand Sculpting 2009

Sand Sculpting was back at Frankston beach so Blaine and I made a day of it. After finding my keys after an hour long search (they were in the bin!!! don't ask me how or why) and school shoe shopping we headed to the beach. An expensive and not the greatest lunch at Davey's Pub along the beach we went Dinosaur hunting, and a hunting we went!!! The theme this year was Dinostory. Here is some photos of the day. Not much more to report. Yesturday was a day of lunch at the pancake parlour and library so blaine could borrow books to get back into reading before school starts. I've got Dr Rob coming over to work some computer magic tomorrow, my sister and her boyfriend for a late lunch and between both i hope to mow the lawn with my new mower. Back to work Monday..... God i am so not looking forward to that. Well lets just enjoy tomorrow. Until next time... Keep on chatting.


fleurie said...

ohhh looks like an ACE day

Hetty Hall said...

Oh those sculptings look awesome, bad you had a great day!
Hugs xx

Julie H said...

how cool are those sand sculptures!!!
Fabbo pix lorrie - sounds like it was a great day .... well besides keys in the bin, something Ry would do lol.

chat soon
Julie xx

phatassphairy said...

how cool are those sand castles .....i know they are purty and all but i would want to be there when you did the jumping and stomping clean up =)!!!

Love Scrappin' said...

What fantastic pics Lorrie..looks like a perfect day you both had..glad you found your keys.