Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is here

Kiss goodbye 2008 cos 2009 is here. After a very quiet night at home watching the new year come in on TV, today Blaine and I made up for it. After packing a picnic lunch we drove to Korrumburra to Coal Creek. It is a historical village, and being New Years Day, the roads were quiet and so was the village. We strolled around for hours looking at historical things from 1890. Blaine hopped on an old scale and weighed 3 stone 7 pounds. Looking at the scale for the period of the 1890's Blaine's age and weight would class him as 9 years old (keep in mind he is still only 5). There was an old gent telling us things about the coal mine and he was saying at the age of 8, boys would be sent down the mine to work. Due to the coal dust, the fuel that they used to light the mine and other factors, children dying as young as 15 due to the working conditions. He told us a boy at the age of 8 who was the size of Blaine, was sent down the mine to work. By the time he was 13 the boy had lost half his lung compacity and lived until he was 92. Just walking and looking at their living and working conditions, life even though very hard was so much simpler. I walked into their bank and wage office and i could see myself working in such an environment. If life could just slow down, take away some of the mod cods, live of the land, smell the air oh what a life that would be. I tihnk i was born in the wrong era. I think the other thing that I loved about this place was the country setting with the lakes and tree's and hills. I think i need to meet a good old country boy. I could see myself as a farmers wife, milking the cows etc.... lol... listen to me..... think I might be tired. Anyway, we had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks, took a train ride, looked around a little more then headed to Cauldermede Farm.
Here are some pics from Coal Creek. We got to the farm and walked around the animal nursery. How cute was the deer and the calves. It was so nice just to walk around, pat the animals and enjoy the country side. After a few pics, we headed into the cafe where we had iced chocolate and scones jam and cream. Oh my lordy,,, the cream was to die for and i would know, I am a cream conissure......after all i didnt get a body like this not enjoying a good old dollop of cream. We then headed over to the milking sheds. It was so interesting to watch 100´s of cows get milked by this mammoth machine and wow how quick it was to milk them. And once again it was all free (apart from the food). A long drive home (well it felt like that) we got home about 5. Blaine was sound asleep, so I popped him straight into my bed for a very much needed nap. I did all my computer bits and thought i would lie beside him and watch a bit of TV and wouldnt you know... i was also in the land of nod.
It must be time to get back into work mode.... earlier nights, house cleaned and organised, ironing done, cooking proper meals etc.... back to the crap!!! cos the crap will be back on Monday...Argghhhh!!!
Well here are some shots from the farm. Tomorrow we might hit Frankston beach to see the dinosaur sand sculptures, then to the library to get some books to get blaine reading again before he heads back to school. Im sure i will have more to read tomorrow. Until then....keep on chatting...

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