Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back from holidays...

What a hot hot week... 40+ temps all week and a pretty shade of lobster red.... Remind me when Blaine puts sunscreen on to wear a shirt too. I have such a sore shoulder blade along the bra strap area because the little bloke missed it, and even 4 days later is still very tender. The Aussie sun is so harsh and these temperatures are killers. On top of the heat and fighting fires because num nuts like to start fires for kicks..... God i would like to string them up by their balls and slowly burn them..... Don't get me started....
Well we spent 4 days at Lakes Entrance. We spent the most of the day in the caravan with the poor air con struggling to keep to 30 degrees, then late arvo in the pool to cool down. We looked like drown rats by the time it was dinner. We ended up eating out for lunch in air con pubs and the food was fantastic. Especially the floating resturant. The food was sensational and apart from the waves and the initial motion sickness feeling, was fantastic and would go back for sure. Last night i spent peeling fresh prawns and digging out oysters... oh yummo.... A few trips to the ice cream parlour and some night walks along the beach because it was so hot during the day. I really needed the break. I could go back and do nothing for another week i think but about 10 degrees cooler would have been nice. i brought home some mud crads and will cook them up tomorrow night with some black bean sauce and fried rice tomorrow night... yummo. Will be sure to take a pic of the mess i make while
Here are some pics from our time away.
I have been tagged by Anthea. Thanks for the mention. it's now my turn to pass it on.
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Here is the tag pic and my photo too.

A pic I took of blaine when i was teaching him to ride without training wheels. We were across the road from home but nope didnt want to use the toilet, told me boys wee on tree's.... oh well what do you do!!!

Well tomorrow will be a day of preperation for the return to school and work. Big grade 1 for Blaine and another shitful week for Hopefully they get the forcast wrong and its under 30 all week. Well thats enough for me right now. Until next time... keep on chatting. Oh and don't forget to say hi!!!


Sandie said...

Gidday Lorrie, sounds like you had a reasonably "cool" time in Lakes - good for you!!!!

Hey thanks for the tag.

I shall get around to popping it on my blog.


Luv Sandie

Hetty Hall said...

Great to have you back Lorrie and so glad you had a nice time, petty about the hot weather though. Photos look great, good luck with year 1 next week.
Hope you stay cool.
Hugs xx

Anthea said...

great photos Lorrie

jazzii said...

the pix tell the story :) apart from the hot weather, looks like u had a great time! and yes, you were missed on scrab_cap. good to have the boss_lady back :)