Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jock Boy!!

Meet my silly fella "Jock Boy".... He had Mum and I in fits of laughter and no it wasn't prompted. He was playing with himself and came out from his room as the newest superhero in town. Thanks to mum for reminding me to take pics....

The Page Maps Competition is underway and I am so excited to see so many entries in the gallery. A huge welcome to our new members and I hope you enjoy it here at SC as much as the rest of us do. We are already upto round 2 and the qaulity of work is outstanding.
Not a lot happening in Lorrie land apart form lots of appointments like physio and hydro and eye tests for the boy. 1 more to go for him to see what the results are and if he will need glasses or not. A little over 5 weeks and i am driving back in my little baby Stu and boy have i mised it. Even sleeping on my tummy again and let me tell you how good that feels. Trying to keep the scrapping going but thats failing dismally at the moment but I am about to go to HN to get a few more photos printed so i can finish off a layout or 2 tonight. Here is a couple I have done over the past week or so.

Well thats it for me, until next time take care and keep on chatting.

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