Sunday, April 27, 2008

On the mend

Well its been 10 days since my operation and all is going well. I had my operation on the 17th and was out of bed the next day. Apart from being really ill with the medication the 1st day I felt fine. I had a room of 4..... no sleep... food was terrible, was in a room with men as well and was very glad to be home. Day 6+7 have been my bad days. You would think I would have pain in my hip but not at all. My knee has been killing me and it swelled twice the size. I think once the soreness goes from there I will be on fire.
Mum got herself a car on the Wednesday night just in the nick of time and she is doing well for somebody that hasn't driven in 12 years. She drove last night in the dark for the 1st time as i had to get a redressing and even though she was slow she did real well. I think this will really help with her depression and confidence and get her back to a life...... Blaine can't wait until I am off crutches and walking on my own. I give it probably another week and I should be up on my own without them. Here is a war wound pic....

Blaine had his school cross country last week that i was so glad i could go see. Not that he did any good... he had no understanding that it was a race and he had to run fast, he just jogged and chat right through the race. It wasnt until after the race that the winners got medals and the place getters from 4-6 got place ribbons and all he got was a well done ribbon. I told him he did well and next time he had to run fast and made a big deal about the ribbon that he replied..."this ribbon says LOSER"... god they learn so quickly. but heres a few pics from the day.

Blaine has also been in the wars as well. We went to mums on Friday and Blaine ran straight into a concrete mixer and ....well here is the result. The worst thing is I saw it in slow motion and that always seems to hurt me more than him.

Well hopefully I can get some scrapping done now I am starting to feel better but here are my last lot of layouts. The 1st layout was done for a photo swap by Hetty hall. Thanks hetty i love it. It's gorgeous. Until next time... keep on chatting. xxxx


Julie H said...

Glad to read your doing well Lorrie - hope the knee pain has eased up for you.
OMGosh - poor Blaine (and poor mummy as well) - looks like he did a good job of it. Hope he's feeling better as well Lorrie.
Enjoy your time off as much as you can - before long it will be all rush again.

chat soon
Julie xx

suzie said...

Oh Lorrie glad your doing well...just take it easy !!And poor Blaine looks like he copped a bit bump.I was going to pop around some time this week..will call you first to make sure your up to it!!I'm loving your layouts especially the why i am me one..and Yeah to your mum for driving thats great news!!speak soon Suz x

Anthea said...

looking good there Lorrie, you know I am still bruised from my op and it was over 2 weeks ago!! hoping you are out of the crutches soon too!!

your very lucky to have an "Hetty Original" it is gorgeous, as are your LOs too!!

Lali said...

So glad that you are doing so well sweetie, that is one hum dinger of a wound, that is wonderful news about your mum to by the way and the poor little man

Hetty said...

Hiya hun, so glad to hear you are doing so well. Hopefully you will be off the crutches soon and I hope your poor little man is feeling better again soon too. Your layouts are beautiful, can't wait to see some more again soon.
Take care!