Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting Nervous....

Well only 4 days until I go under the knife. A little nervous but I am more worried about Blaine and how this is going to effect him. I am so anal when it comes to control and order and having Mum here without a car is stressing the crap out of me. I even gave her some $$ to put towards a cheap little car about a month ago and now she can't be bothered. I don't want to ask the x to do more than I want but it looks as if I am going to have to bite the bullet. I am sure she thinks its only while im in hospital for 4 days but I am unable to do anything for 6 weeks so how the hell am I going to do simple things like shopping, getting Blaine to school especially being 5 km's away with no paths to follow, cooking and cleaning in the 1st few weeks as well as the post op treatment that sounds as if it is going to be full on. It's a shame I don't have a single reliable friend that can drop everything they are doing and live my life for a few weeks but I am sure between the wonderful friends I have I will manage..... Bloody family!!! who needs them.
Well on a more positive note I won a multi fuction printer from Cartridge World a few weeks back and have decided to donate it as a prize at the retreat. Only 6 months to go and I can't wait to catch up with people and meet those I chat to on a daily basis. As for the major companies I have written to to donate something, what a bloody joke! I kid you not..... out of about 13 letters I have sent all I have got is 20 cakes of soap from Cusson's... Thank you to cussons for their generosity and BLAH to those others that could not dig deep enough to suport such a wonderful group such as the SES.
Looks like I will be on the move again in a few short months. Don't ask me how i am going to do that after a hip replacement but like hell am I going to cop another rise in rent. It will be $45 raise within 12 months and I don't know about you but thats out of my playing field and bloody greedy too. So I will have plenty to do when I get home from hospital don't you worry. So much for kicking back and catching up on scrapping.... hehehehe.
We had the April Cybercrop on on Friday night and yet again. a night of laughter and a bit of naughtyness. The 3 challenges were a sketch challenge, a key ring, and a 6x12 layout. You still have until Monday to get these done to be in the chance to win a voucher.
Becky Fleck "PAGE MAPS BOOK" will be in around the 23rd..... I have a super deal going on at the moment for this book so have a look to preorder your copy. These books are going to fly out the door.
KI Memories lace cardstock paper is now in and this range is gorgeous. Take a look in the shop for these gorgeous papers. Crate paper and new Kaiser range will be in next week so keep your eyes peeled for them.
Blaine had his 1st dentist appointment last week and he did well. Back on Wednesday for a filling but i did take a few shots... like any good scrapbook mother would.....

Fleur turned 30 last week and I must say I had a ball and no hang over!!! Happy Birthday SLURIE FLURIE!!!

Oh Dale, my birthday is in October so I hope you got a 2 for 1 deal on that camera you got Fleur. ;)
And Here is Blaine doing a bit of cooking for play lunch for school. Never too early to teach them how to cook, clean and look after Mummy I think....

And a few creations too.

Until next time.... keep on chatting.


Hetty said...

Oh Lorrie, if I lived closer I would be there in a jiffy to help you out, instead you will have to do with positive thoughts and vibes being send your way, hopefully everything will work out for you ok. Had a ball at the CC the other night, can't wait for the next one.
Thinking of you!!

suzie said...

Just letting you know I'm here to help in anyway I can..just think of the end result it will be all worth it!Keep your chin up..

Julie H said...

Goodluck for tomorrow Lorrie!!! Will be thinking of you and hoping for a smooth recovery - six weeks is such a long time to be out of action, but you have some wonderful friends down there that will no doubt give you heaps of help when you need it.

take care and rest up xx