Thursday, March 27, 2008

summers gone...

Well after having a few 40 degree days last week, today we had a top temp of 14. I guess we can say goodbye to summer and hello to cold,wet, crappy weather and now watch me winge ;) .
3 weeks exactly for my operation and time is coming around real fast. Im a little worried, more so about who is going to help me with Blaine, the bills, the house and even work... sad to say!!
I just have to keep thinking i will be on my feet in no time and will be better than ever.
I have a bit of a busy weekend coming up with a house inspection tomorrow, Fleurs little boy, Lauchys 5th birthday on Saturday and Paperific on Sunday..... Hopefully between now and then i will have a chance to get 3 layouts done and otp... so theres a goal!!
SC had their Good Friday cybercrop last weekend and it was heaps of fun. A few girls managed to get the trivia done and scored themselves some yummy choccy just to add to their easter pressies. Well done to Julie, jacqui, Anthea, Sharon and Maria. Voting is now open to vote for your favourite entries from the CC. Please pop in and vote and help support the girls amazing talents.
We are up to round 7 of the BOM competition. This round is 'Family Tree'. For those playing, please make sure all your entries up to round 7 are in the gallery by midnight Sunday. Judging will comence next week for those rounds. Each round from now on will be required to be uploaded in the gallery to the date specified..... I cant wait to see everybodies layouts for the family tree and the next rounds coming up are going to be just as amazing so good luck to everybody.
OHHH nearly forgot.... I am having a massive sale at the moment and some items are below cost price. The sale finishes Friday so get in before its over or until stocks last.
Here a few photos to share with you.
Here is Blaine on Easter Morning:

A few family shots: This is only our 2nd and I think it is very important for Blaine to have something when he gets older to see HIS family unit:

A photo I took for a layout I need to do for BOM

And a few layouts I have done:

Until next time be safe and keep on chatting!


Hetty said...

Hiya Lorrie, sorry it has been a while, have not blog hopped in ages, so it is about time. Wow I love those photo's - especially the b&w one of you watching Blaine sleep, awesome. Wish I could come to the retreat, really feel I should be there, but than again it is still 7 months away, a lot can happen in that time but than again the spots will probably be gone than, will have to wait and see what happens. Not long now until your op, it is only natural for you to be nervous and worried but one thing you don't have to worry about is SC, Julie, Lali, Nic, Fleur, Me and the rest of the girls will make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

Julie H said...

Sounds like one super busy weekend for you Lorrie - hope you have a blast!!
Great pix ..... loooove that black and white one of yourself and Blaine - can't wait to see how you scrap it.

chat soon
Julie xx