Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2 kids, animals and a crowd!

Sunday I looked after lauchy while Fleur did a class and we headed off to the local comunity show held at a farm. Gold coin donation, 2 kids, rides, lunch, lollies and a toy and i spent $30. now thats value.... Here are some pics from the weekend.

Blaine still not 100% was totally exhausted but had a great time.
School holidays have started and thanks to Mum for being able to look after Blaine for me, because as always, we are short staffed and sucker me gets stung with working. I am planning a long weekend this weekend, god knows I need it!!! Today has been a shit of a day for me!!! Blaine went to the holiday program for the 1st time. It was like a snatch and grab. Felt like he was whisped away within a second. I felt sick to the stomach and even had a cry. I worried the whole day and wondered if he was ok. He knew nobody and he seemed to be the youngest there. I hated sending him but he said he had a great time. they went to Warrigul to see WallE. He said he loved it so that makes me feel a little better. He is back there Thursday, as well as next tuesday and thursday as well. I think 2 days a week is plenty. All I want is to have my own home and be able to be home for Blaine.... Simple things yets so hard to come by. Well on the way to work this mooron was tail gating me, then almost side swiped me and then abused me as he flew by. He had his wife in the car with a new born baby and here he is more concerned about calling a fat bitch than worrying about the safety of his baby... What do you expect, the mother was mothing off as well. As you can imagine by the time I got to work id had enough. Long drawn out day, crappy wet weather and tired. We finally get home to find a letter on the door... I have no idea what it is about but all I can say at the moment that it isnt too plesent and i have no idea what its about. Life just gets better doesnt it. So after my sucky shity day, Im ready to crawl and the covers and hide from the world. So thats what im going to do. Hopefully tomorrow is a better 1. Night all and chat soon.


Hetty Hall said...

Lol at the pig photos Lorrie, looks like you all had a great time. Sorry to hear about the tail gater, you will get them anywhere, they are the loosers!! Hope the not so good news is not too bad.

suzie said...

great pics Lorrie..not long to the retreat you must be so excited!!