Sunday, December 28, 2008

Time to catch up!!!

So sorry I haven't updated since now, my computer is very sick and some days won't work. Just waiting for it to go to Dr. Robs for a tickle and a tune up.
Well lets get started, 4 weeks to catch up on. Blaine is out of plaster. So happy about that. Back to bathing and dressing him self. School finishd up and Blaine is off to grade 1 next year with his same techer. He told me today he is missing her. 5 weeks to go on holidays. I am sure will get over that soon. The school had a concert on the last day and each class did a song and at the end the entire school signed to ABBA. Blaineslass did the theme song for the A-Team and dressed up like MR.T. Here is a few snaps.
Friday night before christmas a few of the girls on Scrap Cap met at the pub for dinner and a few drinks. It was lovely to finally meet Tracy in real life. Thanks to Ange, Lyndall, Sharon, Jacqui, and Tracy for making a great night. As you cn see Ange was in fine form.

Blaine has a birthday next month, so we did a crazy hair theme to make up his invites. Here are the results from the photo shoot.
Our family at christmas get together the weekend before due to other family commitments on christmas day. This year we had a traditional lunch all done by me at my place. Roast pork and Lamb, potatoes and pumpkin, cauliflower, pea's , carrots, gravy and apple sauce oh and hot rolls. For dessert we had pav, choc ripple cake, rum balls, choc crackles, royal puddings and lollies. Here are a few shots from day.
Our Christmas was a nice quiet 1. The night before Blaine put out some milk and cookies for Santa, carrot for rudolf an some money for the poor kids for santa to take. As the same as every year, santa almgot sprung. Blaine gets scared xmas eve cos santa is coming into the house. So I had to explain Santa also can do magic and becausewe dont have a chimney (or chimley as Blaine calls it ) he will use magic to put the presents under the tree. Blaine was 1 lucky boy. He got a Wii for xmas and as you can see in the photos he was a bit excited about that. We had BBQ lunch with Michele and Josh and left overs for dinner. Nice and quiet just what you want on xmas day.
Might have to invest in a Wii fit now. Anyway, it has taken me l day to do this post becasue of my poor computer. Until next time, chatting.


Hetty Hall said...

So glad to see you had a nice Chrissie Lorrie and yes the Wii is awesome and I will have to invest in a Wii fit as well, desperately need to loose some weight. LOL at the comment you left on my blog in regards to the Wii, I am the same except it is my belly that is wobbling, lol. Hope you and Blaine have a super New year and thank you so much for your friendship.
Hugs xx

phatassphairy said...

looks like you have a good xmas ......and just has to pmsl at the mr t look bloody cute ....and yep you got my support this year babe i will spy ya sooner than later =)