Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog giveaway!!

Hi again and i hope every body is doing well.

School holidays here in Melbourne and wet cold and windy too. Hetty, your going to experience a real Melbourne winter, but at least the curry will warm us up.

I have been so tired lately and havent done a thing with scrapping. Even the site is quiet with holidays so i hope that picks up excitiement soon. Starting to feel a bit lost to be honest.

Even the mojo has gone on holidays too.

I pulled a muscle in my chest this week and my boss ordered in a masuse (sp?). Well I get a deep tissue masage in my chest sides and back and i tell you i can hardly move. I am black and blue and sore all over. Hopefully it settles in the next day or so but i tell with the chest I have, the bounce does not help!! Definetely time to get off my fat rear and loose some weight. Back to my old weight (damn) so off exercise bike shopping tomorrow...

I have to say congrats to my coles buddy Sam who had a little girl on Wednesday, Chevie Rose.... Congrats honey and so glad to hear your both doing well.

Busy busy busy at work.... tax time but suprisingly I have done the tax changes, the group certificates, superannuations, Sydney acccounts so all I have to do now is Melbourne accounts and filing and archieving. I think I suprised myself. lol

well thats been my boring week. I hope yours has been a little more exciting.

Ohh and got confirmed diagnosis for Blaine last week. Aspergers which I was told earlier... so down to the last of testing and hopefully we can settle down soon and get on with life. Come on September!!

Now for the blog giveaway....

All you have to do is leave a comment when you visit and each time you leave a comment i will add you name to the paper bag....... On the 31 July a winner will be drawn and the prize is....

Kaiser Q1 Pina colada Epoxy Brads

Good luck


Lyndall said...

Oh yes please would like to win these!

Scossie Jane said...

Cool, thanks for the chance xx

Hetty Hall said...

Woohoo not long to go now!!!
Hugs xx

Sandie said...

Gidday Lorrie, oooh yummy giveaway. Thanks for chance.

Now I've been looking over my Alphabet Challenge and the last entry I can see of yours was "d" for daisy" do you recall any after that?
Don't worry if you can't catch up either just join in when you can.

Thanks Luv Sandie

Anonymous said...

Helloooo Lorrie,my computers working again, or should I say internet and I'm doing abit of blog hopping

sharon said...

Lorrie sure hope your chest ( :)) is better
Cant wait to see hetty today and looking forward to dinner
The pina Colada brads would be awesome to win - they will jazz up my cruise LOs a treat!!