Thursday, January 4, 2007

its too bloody hot

Have you ever got your self so worked up because you were so hot that you got angry. That was me today. I woke up to a very warm morning and had all these plans to do things before i got to work. I wanted to print Blaines invites to post them today so I went to Cranbourne HN where I was #%&*%$ around. I sat there for ages text typing and setting then got them printed and it cut of 3 lines from the top and bottom... CRAP... I had to do it all over again and pay for it all again because those shitful machines are set to 6x8 not 6x4....SO FRUSTRATING....
I managed to get to work and by the time i got there i was so p!$@#% off. Then some stupid woman on an ego trip decided to really shit me by ringing and rambling about absolute crap.....Anyway you can see how my day was going. I stopped in to see Mum on the way home, and she isn't great but there is nothing i can do. Then from there I picked up Blaine and finally got home to a styfulling god it was soooo hot. I cracked it.... So i put on my baggy ass bathers and headed to Carrum beach. It was so busy but gorgeous. Just what I needed. Some quite cool time with Blaine and I. We sat in the water and watched the sun go down and it was awesome. I feel so much better.
Well enough of my little spatt.....Hope your day was better than mine... Oh crap...35 tomorrow... oh well. i will have to deal with

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