Monday, September 21, 2009

Most kids........ but not mine !!!

What a shocker I had today.
Start of the school holidays. I drop Blaine off at School Holiday Program to find the bloody council gave me the wrong fax number so they never received our booking.
Its a fully packed couple of weeks there and to be told that they can find a spot but cant participate in the activites, really got my blood boiling. I left the office girl to sort it out and went to work.
The Internet was down at work today, which really restricts what i can do at work, so that annoyed me a bit. I made the most of a bad situation and pretty much got paid to do sweet FA.
So it's time to pick up Blaine. It was a shocker on the roads so gave me time to keep cool and think of what I was going to do with Blaine for 2 weeks. So I politely asked for my cheque back and said i would get back to them to work out what i will do. I had so many people coming to me apologising and even the director asked me to come into her office, to which she couldnt apologise enough and offered my refund. Well all is sorted and Blaine has been squeezed in due to the error of the council and no i didnt take the refund, after all I just wanted it sorted out and they did everything they could. So happy thats done.
So I go in to get Blaine and I am swamped with teachers telling me Blaine has had an accident and there was a bit of blood and he cried but they think he will be fine!! This kid is accident prone I tell ya. Aparantly they were playing with balls and the girl accidently elbowed him in the mouth. He has a split gum at the front down the bottom and a couple of loose teeth. Blaine hasnt lost a tooth yet and he isnt even close to loosing 1 so that upset me a bit to think he was going to loose a tooth by being hit by a girl ( I do see the funny side). So he has stopped touching it so hopefully it heals itself and will be ok until its ready to fall out its self.
I tell ya... no rest for this wicked witch!!
So now Im watching the Brownlow (AFL best and fairest) and Blaine was tucked in bed watching it too.
I just went in to check and make sure he was asleep and tuck him in to find him like this.

Most kids hug their teddy when they go to bed, but not my kid. He hugs his footy!! the kid is obsessed. And yes, thats a Richmond Tigers tatt on his arm and if you look closely, there is a Tiger tennis ball their too. At least Xmas and Birthday is going to be easy this year.
Just thought I'd share.
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jazzii said...

that's such a cute photo lorrie. happy to see that blaine loves his footy! make sure the tooth fairy has caught up with inflation ;)

domestic.blizz said...

Lorrie glad that they were able to sort out the school holiday programme for Blaine. Not the kind of headache you need to be dealing with at all. Hope that Blaine's teeth are okay.

How cute is Blaine. I know exactly what you mean about other kids hugging soft toys and Blaine hugging his footy. Kyle has never been one to have any soft toys. However he will often fall asleep hugging a book he was reading or something he had been playing with. Right from when he was very little for him and his way of thinking being given a soft toy must mean it was sleep time so out the soft toy would go flying from his cot as there was no way that he wanted to waste time sleeping. LOL....

Hope you are enjoying a great week.

How easy for Christmas and birthday being able to know exactly what gifts to buy that are sure to please.