Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is going to be a looooooong 1...............

I didnt realize that it had been so long between posts, very sorry guys....
Well I was another year older yesturday, and like any good birthday all I did was eat and . Blaine and I went to Fasta Pasta for lunch and Fleurs for a Postie Party last night. Thank you to all those girls that thought of me and sent me cards, emails, texts and calls throughout the day.... thank you.xxxxSaturday we spent the day at the beach in memory of my Dad (it would have been his birthday too). It was a gorgeous hot day and we were all buggered by the time we got home.
Friday night was cybercrop night. It was a very quiet night unfortunately but a huge thanks to those girls that came along and had a chat. Check out the gallery for some gorgeous layouts...
Here are the couple I did....

The next cybercrop will be on Friday 16th November. It will be the last for the year and it will be a big one....There are a few requirements so pop in and check it out....

The DESIGNER SPOT competition has been extended to THIS SUNDAY 28/10/2007.
I have a massive job infront of me and as soon as I make a decision I will upload the new members in the forum.
There has been some gorgeous new product in store that has arrived....Rusty Pickles-Pirate Princess, Queen and Co-Felt Fusion as well as their compact stamps (very cute) and arrived Monday, Basic Grey-Figgy Pudding..... Due next week is KI POP ART..... Cant wait to get my hands on that lot!!!
I have been tagged by Fleur so here goes....
oh and here are four people that I would like to tag.
1. Lali
2. Tezza
3. Nic (nmpomeroy)
4. Hetty
Jobs I've Had:
1. Australia Post Manager
2. Coles check out chic
3. Pixi Photographer
4. Current - accounts manager
Movies I (do) Could Watch Over & Over
1. Never been kissed
2. Jerry Mcguire
3. 50 1st dates
4. 10 things I hate about you (i could name another 10 off the top of my head)
T.V. shows I watch (currently)
1. Boston Legal
2. All Saints
3. The singing Bee (love this show)
4. Idol
Places I've Lived
1. Parkdale
2. Berwick
3. Cranbourne
4. Officer
Favorite Foods
1. Mexican
2. Pizza
3. pasta
4. roast of any kind
Favourite Colours:
1. green
2. chocolate
3. white
4. blue
Places Id Love To Be Now
1. Living in the country on acres overlooking the ocean
2. on holidays on an island in queensland
3. Fiji
4. At a lush Day Spa
Names I like, but would NOT use for my children
1. Chelsea
2. Jacob
3. Aaron
4. Casey

Well thats it for me.... Hopefully I will not be so slack and keep up to date.... Happy chatting....


Lali said...

So glad that you did have a lovely birthday Lorrie, thanks for the tag might prompt me to update my blog as I too have been verrryyy slack LOL

Julie said...


Glad to read you had a great day with lots of well wishes from friends.

take care
Julie xx