Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy little bumble bee

Financial year and OMG what a shocking time of year it is for me.

My busy time started yesturday and will go right through until the end of July but the only good thing about this time of year is TAX REFUND (as I rub my gready little hands together). If your anything like me you have a TAX TIME WISH LIST and this year my list is...
A holiday
A new Entertainment Unit
and a new computer (probably a lap top)
Well the holiday is booked and we are heading to Qld the 1st week of August. I've just got to book my flights this week and save some spending $$ and here we come. We will be there for a week and plan on going to Dreamworld, Movieworld and Australia Zoo. We went 4 years ago (yep my last real holiday) and we did all the parks and I needed a holiday to get over it. So this time we plan on spending some time for R'n'R and take in some sights. If all goes well when we get home we will hit the ski slopes and have a few days in the snow. It will be nice to switch off for a while I think.
Lets hope the Tax man is nice to me this year.
I have been planinng my sisters 30th birthday party for this weekend and I will be glad when I can get back to some normality. Balloons and cake ordered, food sorted, present done now, all I need now is people to come. Bloody family I tell ya!! but thats another story.
On the weekend I took photo's of my sisters family as she didnt have any recent photo's so here they are.

Friday night Julie Heard came down from Rocky and we had dinner. Julie, Ange and I went to Positano's in Hallam and oh yummy it was fantastic. Fantastic food, very fast service and a lovely night. Im just sorry that it was only the 3 of us and others couldn't come. It was great to see Julie again and catch up and she is looking amazing.

Saturday was crop day. Only 4 and yep disappointing again but the company was fantastic. Next month the crop will be on a Sunday, 19 July and the 1 and only Hetty Hall will be there as well as the Kaiser Q1 product samples and launch. While Hetty is here, we are going out for Indian on Saturday night. Pop on to the forum for more details and I would love to see you there.

Sunday was a run around day but I did manage to pop into Sharons for her stamping up party. Was good to catch up and I even got to see the cave and oh my lordy, this girl definetely doesnt need to buy another scrapbook product for the rest of her life but shhh!!! she is a great customer ;)...hehe

I have completed a couple of OTP products from the Kaiser Q1 release and will share soon. New stock should arrive any day now. If you would like a sneeky, PM me and i will try getting some images to you asap.

Until next time, stay safe and keep on scrapping.


Hetty Hall said...

Hey great photos of your sister and her family Lorrie, you did really well there. So looking forward to coming down to Melbourne and meeting you all, c u soon ;)

Anthea said...

sounds like you are a busy woman Lorrie!! looking forward to seeing what you have made with the new Kaiser