Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I loooove new things....

I just uploaded some new stock and got myself a copy of the 52 Scrapbooking Challanges by Elsie Flannigan. What an awesome book, I am so glad I kept myself a copy (as well as 1 of everything My mission is to do every challange in that book including the extra's. Nothing like a bit of inspiration and fresh ideas to get that mojo flowing again.

Last night I went to Fleur's for a Stampin Up class and had a great time. I'm not into stamps but the things I learnt were amazing and I will definetely give it a go. I am having a Stampin Up class at home on FRIDAY 1 May 7.30pm and you are all invited. After the demonstration I will be partying on and scrapping so If you want to crop, come and join me.... If you want more details please pop into Fleur's blog for more details and some great specials.
It was lovely to catch up with some old friends and meet some new friends. Can't wait to meet with you all again soon.

Also I just wanted to promote Sally's new business venture... Luxury Linen. I swear by this stuff and if you all know me, you know I have a linen Sally is just starting out and is looking for some parties to promote this gorgeous range. there is heaps to see and the rewards are awesome. I just had a party and received $600 worth of items for $240 now thats what I call I great deal.

Also for my final note, check out the Beyond the Blue Competition on . There is some awesome creations and can't wait to see the next 11 weeks of competition....

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Sally said...

Lorrie that is so very sweet of you! I cant thank you enough for promoting my new venture :)
It means alot to know that I have great friends supporting me all the way. Thank you so so much.
I will definately put my head down and come up with something special for anyone that does want to hold a demo with me...a little added bonus for Lorrie's
Thanks again Lorrie, your a darling and yes your a LINEN ADDICT too!!!!
It was great to catch up, I couldve stayed all night....just like you did....hehe