Thursday, November 29, 2007

silly season

Well there is one more sleep to the start of the silly season and i am sure we are all guilty of going a bit fruity around this time of year.
Today is your last day to upload your layouts for Novembers Sketch Competition. There is a voucher up for grabs for the winner.
Also a big thanks to everybody that took part in the November "xmas cybercrop", plenty of chatting but sad to see only 5 entries... I was really sure that people were looking forward in getting the chance of getting some freebies but who knows.... Hopefully next year the interest and participation will get grow so we can get to see all the gorgeous effort people put into this amazing hobby. There are 3 voting polls in the forum (open until Saturday 10am) for rounds 2, 3 + 4 and it would be great if you all could help choose a winner for each.
No scrapping this week...been pretty snappy and tired and lots going on with the coming of xmas and the end of kinder.
We had Blaine's Kinder parent/teacher night tonight. All went well and his report wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be apart from the 'sooky' side of it. He is a soft emotional kid.... I guess im glad he is that way rather than aggresive but hopefully a change of scenery and playing with the big kids will help him deal with this a little more.
Saturday I will be launching the Sketch for December so watch out for that and also the big revealing of CALENDAR GIRLS.... So who is going to be December's pin up girl....
This stuff is sensational and so many ways to use it.... Go to the WHATS NEW section to see this gorgeous range.

Thats just a little bit of a sneak peek....
Well I'm tired and off to bed...
keep on chatting....

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Terri H said...

LOrrie, I love the lace cardstock. SUch awesome colours & patterns too.

I am hopng to get my compuiter back up & running ASAP so that I can pop in more....I Miss my favourite bookmarks *pout*

If I dont get back on before hand: Have a sensational Festive Season Chooky!!!!!!!!!!!!