Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter !!!

Hoppy Easter!!!

I hope you all have a beautiful Happy Easter with lots of choccy and smiling kids.
Well I must say this long weekend I really needed. Friday was spent at home in PJ's doing didly squat apart from scrapping, a tiny little bit of house work and eating. Was so good to have some me time. Saturday we spent another day in PJ's and I finally got the fundraising letters printed so they can go out Tuesday. Fingers crossed we get lots of support. Saturday night we went bowling with my brother and his family as well as Michele and Josh. Bowled the worst game ever but was great to get out and do something for Easter. Here are some pics of the night.

Over night the Easter Bunny hoped into our house and left might big white foot prints everywhere as well as a half eaten carrot. This morning Blaine woke up to a house full of Choccy eggs. He was very lucky and got a few presents too from me and his Dad. Here is a few pics from this morning.

So after Blaine had a choccy egg for breaky, we headed off to the Carrabean Market where we had proffiteje (spl?) beside the lake and watched to model speed boats and wow how fast do they go. My brother and sister in law and the kids met us there and we walked around, did a bit of shopping and then had some lunch. Blaine had some birthday money to spend so brought a chip for his DS and I haven't heard from him all arvo. After lunch we came home just to nothing. More visitors, more Easter Eggs and dinner and bath has been had so time to sit back and relax. Tomorrow I plan another day of nothing much and enjoy my last day off until I have to go back to work Tuesday. Looking forward to Friday, Blaine and I are going on a date with each other for dinner and a movie and can't wait. We are off to see "Fast and Furious 4", yep big rev head fan.

Well I have been scrapping and even managed to get my CJ done. Here are a few things I've done and even some pics of my CJ. I must say I love it and thank everybody for having a go.

My Circle Journal @ Scrapbook CAPITAL

Paint tins modified to money boxes filled with Easter Eggs for my Nephew and Neices.

This is my card for the BUILD IT UP Competition, ran by Sharon @ Scrap Cap that has just started. It runs for 6 weeks and you can create a card or layout or both. All the details are in the competition forum so pop in, check it out for your chance to win a Kaiser Craft pack.

And here is my layout from April Sketch Competition. Check out the competition forum on site for more details.

Well thats about it from me, I think this post is long enough, so until next time, stay safe and keep on scrapping...


Sandie said...

Wow Lorrie, that was such a long post which such a lot of goodies.

Sounds like you have had a great weekend - I especially luv the pj days. Good for you.

Love all of your creations.

Your date on Friday sounds just gorgeous. That is such a great thing to do with your little man.

Gosh he must have been a good boy to get so many eggs!!!!!

Have a great week and don't work too hard when you return to work.

Luv Sandie

Love Scrappin' said...

Happy Easter Lorrie & Blaine..sounds like you had a great day.

Hetty Hall said...

Happy Easter Lorrie and Blaine! Sounds like you had a relaxing time, glad to hear it. Also what do you think of the poffertjes? They are one of my favorite things to eat. All your creations are just lovely hun. Thinking of you!
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Understand me?