Sunday, April 19, 2009

A weekend with the boy

Well I think the week after Easter is always a shocker and it always goes slow. Well it was a shocker and definetely felt very slow and couldnt wait until it was over.
Well the weekend finally arrived and Friday night was my big date. Blaine and I went out for dinner to the Pancake Parlour then to the movies to see 'Fast and Furious' and OMG it was fully sick!!! I am busting to talk to somebody about it and I can't wait until NO:5 is out... yep another to follow.... it was awesome and can't wait to get it on DVD. Saturday was a quiet day home and today well I finally took Blaine to his 1st AFL game and watch Richmond loose again. He was devistated at the end with tears and all. Here are some pics of our day out. Must say it was a really nice day out thou....

So all in all, it was a really nice weekend to spend with my little man.

On the Scrapbook side of things I have been on the make and create, cards mostly.

At the moment Sandie is running a Monday Morning Alphabet Soup, so i have created a very basic card with an animal on it for the letter A. Tomorrow she will set a new challenge so pop in and have a look.

BIU2 round 2 was up at Scrapbook Capital on Friday and this time you had to create with printed paper and a punch. I created another card. Here they are.

I feel like I have heaps to do but it's Sunday afterall and maybe i can't remember.
I do have to say congratualtions to J@zzii aka Maria for winning the peoples vote for this months Cybercrop. Well done Maria, your stuff was sensational.
I have everything crossed that all the new stuff I ordered arrives this weeks and their is heaps of it.
Pencil in your diaries May 23 as I will start the 1st of many crops which is being held in Officer Community Hall. For more details please take a look at the forum.
Im sure I am forgetting something but oh well... so i guess until next time stay safe and keep on chatting.


Crystal Bowman said...

Looks like you and Blaine had a fun weekend! Nathan took Lachlan to see Monsters Vs Aliens which he's been talking about all weekend!

Love Scrappin' said...

nothing sweeter then having a date with our little men is there?Love ur pics..but i must say no wonder Blaine was upset it's the wrong colour....YELLOW & BROWN Lorrie..Go Hawks :)~