Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated sooner, I didn't realise I hadn't done my weekly update so I guess this 1 will be 2 weeks worth so beware it could be a long one...
Last week was kind of quite and back to normal routine. No appointments, at work and not a lot happening on the site which is really sad. I have made the lovely Sammi my shadow on site to help me out with bits and pieces so if you need anything, please contact Sammi and myself and we will do the best to help you. Now just on the quiet....shhhhhh.... there could be a new DT call coming up so keep your eyes and ears opened for that 1.
So what have we been upto, apart from the usual chaos in every day life, not a lot.
Blaine had his Book Fair Parade on Friday and it was a Jarrasic Theme, so off we went to spotlight to create a costume and he picked what he wanted so the challenge was on. I made him a pterodactyl costume, all bright and shiney. It was also grandparents day so my mum went to school with him and his class made pizza's in the wood oven they made last year as well as pom poms while they waited. It turned out to be a great day, especially morning tea.... we all donated to the Cancer Councils Morning Tea and had lots of yummy cakes and biscuits to choose from. Blaine's mate Josh came as a caveman and he looked awesome. Michele did a great job of his costume... well done Michele. here are a few snapshots from the day.

Our weather in Melbourne has been really cold and a few days last week made it to a top of 13 degree's. The morning drive to work is shocking with the pea soup we have to drive through. Here is a picture from Friday morning. This was take about 10.30am so had started to clear but you get the idea.
So as you can see it has been great scrapping weather, just a shame i havent been able to get into it. I have been so tired lately and would love to have a nanna nap right now...hehe
Yesturday was our 1st Scrapbook CAPITAL crop day. There was only 5 of us but it was a really relaxing day and we all got heaps done. The hall was a great size, warm and comfortable so really looking forward to the next 1 which is Saturday 20th June. Plenty of room, and only $10 per head. Check out the forum for all the details. I managed to get my 30th kaiser album done for my sisters birthday. Just have to add photos and that all done. Here is a snap of yesturday.

A last minute decision, and off we went to the Richmond/Essendon night match. Richmond had a great 1st half and died in the end. I think we will be giving the footy a miss for a while until Richmond pulls their heads out of their a***es . Anyway we must have had the worst seats ever and we were on the 4th level. The 1st quarter Blaine and I sat so still cos we were so scared the stand was going to collapse or we were going to fall off we were so high up. It was a match we should have stayed home and watched on TV. We trained it in and out and Blaine slept all the way home. It was a very late night and was so glad to be home.
A bit of a sleep in this morning, I've just had a shower and back in my pj's, dinner is on. A bit of scrapping tonight and an early night tucked up and warm under the doona.... Oh yeah I can hear my bed calling me now. Well thats about it for me this time round. Until next time stay safe and keep on chatting.


Lyndall said...

Blaine looks so cute in his jurassic outfit.

jazzii said...

you've certainly been busy lorrie!

phatassphairy said...

wow that costume turned out great ....gigling ...i alwys knewyou had a bit of grrrr/ tiger in ya soooooooooooooo jealous about the crop days ...i really really wishi could live closer

Jules said...

Fantastic Costume Well Done.
He looked so cute!