Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1st day of Kinder

Today was Blaines 1st day of Kinder and he went really well. He jumped into the whole system like he had been there for years and off he went making new friends and playing with all the new activites. He suprises me just how clever he is, I guess it doesn't help that I am either at work or at home working. There is just not enough hours in the day sometimes. He had a great day and after the session it was time to go to care. I had packed him a lunch to eat for the drive (20 min drive between kinders) and within 5 minutes he was sound asleep. It was lucky that it was rest time at care cos he was buggered, poor little man. It was such a big day for him as well as me. I am soooo tired. I guess cramming for a course last night didnt help, and I fell asleep before 1 could finish all 3 of my assignments i had to do b4 today. I had to cram at work, how naughty am I, but I got it done, the trainner was happy and I am happy to know that all this will be finished by June... thank god. Im studying a financial something a rather and accounts management, as you can see I'm so into it....not!!! LOL the only thing im into is the payrise after it. (rubbing my hands together). I am just so glad to be home. Another big day again tomorrow but it will be nice to get home early for a change. maybe i will be able to sqeeze in a bit of scrapping and get my BAS done....
heres a couple of pics from today. I didnt really get a chance to take pics so camera in hand for the next few days.

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