Monday, July 23, 2007

vote Zach vote Zach vote Zach

well this is it... my life as I have known it for the last 3 months. Yes I am a BB freak. I have yet to miss an episode, that includes the daily show, up late, evictions, FNL and nominations. So now is when I vote. I think all are deserving winners so here is my list.
1. Zach
2. Eliesha
3. Travis (top bloke but I agree with Zach, too many Aussie blokes taken the title out)
4. Billy
I would love Zach to win because I think he is just gorgeous and I could eat him up, but I really would love to see the under dog take it out. Him being an intruder, being gay... wow wouldn't that make the countries head spin, but if he doesn't I think it would be great to see a girl win and Eliesha has been a fav all season.
OMG that means I will have some free time, all my fav shows are ending, What about Brian, Greys Anatomy, all saints, brothers and sisters, damn, nothing to watch...but I guess idol is coming on soon so I guess thats a positive not that i am addicted to that.
Looks like I might get a bit of scrapping done.....


fleurie said...

have you voted?????

Im going for Aleisha...

suzie said...

OMG Lorrie I'm a BB freak too..Remember us 2 talking over the fence about BB ..Lol..i don't care who wins.I do like Zac as well though.I was thinking the same thing about how much time I will have when BB is finished ...maybe then I will get some scrappin done!

Anonymous said...

hi lorrie, yah for zac! i think so too. we have to organise a scrap night we me,von and skeet. von has an email addy