Friday, July 13, 2007

Whats on for the weekend

Sorry it's been a while since I have popped in but I have been really busy with work while the boss has been OS.... I'm sure nothing will change now he is back, just means more work for me, woopee!!
Well finally went to the Big W toy sale and popped a few things on for santa. Hopefully I can be a little organised this year. I am getting a leapster video game thingy, lego and a cars race track for the boy. Might hold the leapster for his birthday seeing it is so close to xmas. His dad did a big layby as well so hopefully he picks it up and we can divvy it up and split it between both xmas and bithday so he isnt overwhelmed with stuff. A new bike on santa's list too, the poor little bugger needs one. Oh crap, just remebered I forgot to laybuy something, oh well....

Need to a clean up before bedtime so I can set up for tomorrow nights
I have some girls coming over to scrap for a bit of fun and thought it might be fun to wear our slippers and pj's cos its so cold and scrap the night away.....I will take some photos of the sexy rollers in their hair to If you are local and want to come over and scrap Sat night, please feel free to drop me a line and join in the fun, more the merrier!! All welcome

I am hoping to finish of the 2 tribute albums I am doing for my Mum and Nan of my Dad tomorrow night so I can suprise them on Sunday night with them. I'm sure there will be tears.

A new shipment is due sometime next week. Keep watching this space and don't forget to pop into there are quite a few savings to be made in store... pop in and see if anything takes your fancy.

Talk to you all soon.

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fleurie said...

had a great night Lorrie...gosh i dont think ive been up till 4am for quite some time...

hahahah you forgot to take photos...thankfully....but hey we all did LOOK great in our PJ"s

catch you later