Thursday, September 6, 2007

are you up for a challange?

Wow, how exciting has it been on the forum . All the girls seem to be settling in really nicely and there is a laugh to be had too. It is so exciting to meet new members and its great to see everybody getting along so well.
If you havent become a member yet, WHY NOT? it take a few seconds and costs you nothing, so why not join our little SC family.
A Designer Team will be selected in the next few weeks and challanges will be announced on Monday for those wanted to try to grab a spot. Please note, you are required to be a member (30 posts) to be elligable to enter for the DT. 30 posts is easy with this bunch of girls. There are plenty of games, questions and chatting for you to reach your goal easily.
September Sketch Competition is underway and closes Midnight 30 September. You need to be registered on the forum to enter and you will be in the chance to win a store voucher for SC to spend on what you like.
ABC challange is also underway. There will be 26 challanges for you to complete just to help you out of the scrap rut. There is no time limit and you can do as many or as little as you like BUT there will be a prize at the end of the 26 challanges for a winner who has completed all 26 challanges and has applied all requirements through each challange. It's heaps of fun so why not have a go.
Do you like to be pushed a little over the edge when it comes to scrapping? DO you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone? Why not brave the Personal Challange . There are a few questions to answer and once I receive your answers I will design a challange simply for you. Another way to get those pages done!
There is heaps more to do on SC and heaps more coming your way. So why not sign up, tell your friends and join in all the fun here at SCRAPBOOK CAPITAL. I would love to meet you all.

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Hetty said...

Hey Lorrie, I had no idea you have set up this awesome site, is it ok for me to join as well?
Good for you and good luck with everything, let me know if I can help you out with anything!!