Sunday, September 16, 2007

weekend update

Hi everybody,
I am so thrilled that the forum is going so well. Thank you to my 30 members, I hope you are enjoying yourselves and I hope we have a few more new members soon.
Whats on at scrap cap??
DT member search now on
Sketch competition due 30/9/2007
ABC challanges
Personal challanges
There are heaps of games and chat spots so why not pop in and say hi...
Well all I wanted to do this weekend was to kick back and relax and boy I definetely did that Saturday. Blaine and I were both asleep at 7.30, no joke!! Today we went to the city to have a look at the Pixar 20th Year collection. Was okay but definetly not for a 4 year old. Cost us $10 each to get in and I wouldn't pay for it again. Very dissapointing I thought.. I expected to see characters and activites but it was all images and sketches... I took these pics. These were taken out in the foyer and it was free so if you just want a couple of photos, just goto the foyer and don't pay to get in!!!


Lali said...

Yep girl I am thoroughly enjoying my time on SC.

Love those photos Lorrie can't wait to see them scrapped

suzie said...

me too..having heaps of fun :)
Photos are great as well.