Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lots of tears and a little bit of creativity

Well yesturday I spent most of the day doing housework and the evening beside my dog and her puppies. 1 of the puppies wasnt eating and was a different colour to the others, so I tried and tried to get this tiny little bundle eating. But nothing. About midnight last night the poor little mite "tinkerbell" died in my arms. I sat for about an hour crying my eyes out and i felt helpless and responsible. After a late night I went to sleep and woke up this morning to find another puppy had died over night. I was so sad and started worring about the other 2. So after an hour drive to RSPCA I had them checked over. Puppy 1 weighs 260 grams and looks fine but her cord has ripped from her belly so she has a nasty sore that I have to clean through out the day and give her antibiotics. "Thumper" (this puppy is the biggest and boy does she eat) weighs 360 grams and is a bill of health. Im just hoping these 2 little mites will be ok and annoying the crap out of me soon.
Last night Blaine went to the circus with his Paternal Nan and cousins Thomas and Luke. This was a big 1st for him as he has never spent time with her and has only just reunited with his cousins. I had some mixed feelings about this but he came home, said he had a good time but missed me so that made me feel better. Here are a couple of photos he came home with..

After the trip to the vet I created some new Connector Kids OTP from Kaiser to display at Blaine school fair in 2 weeks. I made school kids in Blaines school colours and I so love how they turned out.

So that was my weekend. Well best I go and do a few things before I settle for the night. Until next time stay safe and keep on chatting. Don't forget to say hi...


Love Scrappin' said...

sad about your pups..hope the other ones thrive there so cute!!..answer to your question Yep that's Belinda's house.

Crystal Bowman said...

Love the little school kids! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

lorrie, i'm sorry to hear about the 2 pups :( i'm sure the other 2 will be fine - they are cute.

love the kidlets :)

Tracy Firth said...

Ow poor puppies. Hope the other 2 thrive well.
Have fun at the fair. Love the photos of the kids at the circus - great layout pics and LOVE the connector kids great idea to do them in school colors for the fai.