Monday, March 23, 2009

Singing, winning and some spending too...

Nothing really exciting happening around here. I am officially looking for a new job. Time to move on and the place has gone through some huge changes and its just not big enough for all of us anymore. So fingers crossed for me girls and hope I get the job Im looking for.
Friday was cross country at Blaines school and wow what a difference in results from last year. This year Blaine actually knew whar a race was and he went for it. My little champ come second in the 6 year old boy section and I was proud as punch. Sadly I didnt see it but his Dad was there and he was able to ring me at work and tell me all about it. Here he is with his silver medal.

To celebrate little speedys win we went to Grill'd and boy they have the best burger and chips in the world. We had dinner and then went shopping. I had a PS2 on layby that I finally picked up so we headed home to set it up and play singstar. We played until almost midnight.... time just flew by. So I tucked Blaine into bed and thought I mught just have a little go myself. OMG 2.30 AM and I could of played for hours.

Saturday was house cleaning day, then the arvo I spent a Sam's place for a bodyshop party. On the way home was grocery shopping and take away then home for another round of singstar and some scrapping. I managed to put together a Kaiser Memo Board for the up and coming Fair this week at Blaine's school. Here is how it turned out.

Sunday we puffed around the house in the morning and shopped in the arvo. All Ive done this weekend was shop... (thanks Kev ;) ), but I did manage to get 1 CJ done and working on the other now.... all done... woohoo.

For those in the area, Officer Primary have a country Fair on this Friday from 3.15 - 7pm. Come and enjoy some fun, I will be there so make sure you pop over and say hi.

A puppy update: - Day 12 - They opened their eyes today, they are gorgeous and I want to keep them. Will take more pics later on to show off the balls of fluff. Well Ive got heaps to do and little time to do it so until next time, stay safe and keep on chatting. Dont forget to add yourself to my stalkers list ;) ...


jazzii said...

i've got my fingers crossed for you lorrie! good luck! and congrats to blaine for coming 2nd!!

phatassphairy said...

well thast is the best news i have heard lorrie ...please don't give up looking for a new job hun and blaine really need it

Whoot whooo blainey boy well done mate

Kylie Smith said...

I love the notbook stand!! I've bought a kit and i'm going to make it very similar!!