Tuesday, February 6, 2007

mowed out

I am sooo tired. I got up this morning and started looking for houses and got side tracked from the time... 9.15 and blaine is still asleep an d we have to leave for swimming ayt 9.30... so a mad dash and got there in time. I have neglected the gardening for ages so todays plan was to mow. After 1000 attempts to get the bloody thing going, I mowed, then I weeded, and tidyed and after 3 hours flatout i hopped into a lovely shower. I had a look at 2 places. the first was ok but not available until late March which is too late, and the 2nd was ok, but not my area and the rooms were so tiny. There is a 10 acre place in upper Beaconsfield I want to see so I thought Id go for a drive. Not that I could see the place from the road, its in an area that I could call home.... has a real country feel and so peaceful. 1st thing is to ring the real estate again and find out whats going on. It looks as if it was a gallery of some sort, how awesome would that be if it had a gallery....perfect for scrapping hey girls... i feel a retreat coming on...lol. Anyway, I promised mum I would mow her lawn, so I went to her place, cooked the best bolognaise ever, was so choked with vegies...so yum.... so then i mowed her lawn, then I mowed my sisters... my arse is feeling every muscle and man, did I need a soak in the tub after that. That has to be some kind of physical work out doesnt it and I did it 3 times...lol. Well thats it for me. Im stuffed. Night.

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