Monday, February 5, 2007

our 1st entry

Well its been a little while since I've posted, thats because nothing exciting has happened. I have cleaned the garage so now I can start packing, I joined weight watchers with a friend....I weighed in at a wopping 102.3 kilos.... and what makes it so bad i guess is they predict my ideal weight to be between 50 and 62 kilos..... can any of you see me ever being that small.... not on your life. I'd be happy to hit 80, even happier to hit thats my goal. Not too unrealistic but enough of a challange. It took me 2 hours to grocery shop on the weekend cos I had my point calculator in hand and worked out every bloody point on everything I picked up. This weeks agenda is house hunting. I'd better find something and soon..... 4 weeks...wholey crap. I manamged to squeeze in a CC on Embellished over the weekend and did a card and 4 layouts... thats an effort in its self. Will pop them into my gallery soon.
Well here is the 1st of many entries (i hope) for the competion..
Don't forget there is a $25 voucher up for grabs just for doing what you love, Scrapping.
Very funny Michele, oh and I love the Come on girls.... Send me your layouts.......

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