Tuesday, August 21, 2007

duck waddle

It's been a slow day for me today. Apart from taking Blaine swimming and grabbing a few things at the supermarket I have waddled around the house all day. My hip is giving me grief and my knee on the other leg is not much better. Anytime soon would be nice to get the ok from the hospital to get this new hip I have been waiting forever for. I will attempt to mop the floor tonight after the monster is in bed but thats if i can be truely bothered. I think I have had a case of the C.B.F'S all day....lol
Well not long now for the big reveal, 4 sleeps, hopefully and then we can get this party started. Hopefully all my goodies will arrive in time. Don't forget to keep popping into Scrap CAPITAL a watch out for a few changes.
Paperific is back on again OCTOBER 12-14 in Melbourne. I so love that show and can't wait to get there again. Hopefully there will be a few new things that takes my fancy especially paper. I really want a hands on with those Opals this year, I still have no idea how they get that stuff looking they way it does.
Well I better go and finish the list of C.B.F' chores I have so I can sit on my wide load and let it grow to full potential...hehe. chat soon xoxox

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suzie said...

Hey Lorrie,hope your hip gets better..and don't worry i have the C B F' days all the time..LOL!At least you have a excuse..get better and don't worry about mopping the floor..take it easy.
I'm hanging to know what the big suprise is..woohoo!!