Saturday, August 25, 2007

still waiting

A big apology to those waiting on the big reveal, looks as if it will be Monday now. I love ringing corporate offices and them saying that the person I am after is in a meeting (yeah right) and they will take a message and get them to call me straight back... well I am still waiting for that call, hense the delay. Bloody suits, don't even work the weekend so I am now hanging and waiting... so sorry everybody. Hopefully it will be worth the wait (besides I've waited 8 months, so whats another 2
Well I didn't make round 4 of Idol. Not too fussed really. I never really felt like my style ever fit on that gallery. I felt like a square block in a round hole. Good luck everybody. I think Binxcat will take it out this year.... good luck Am, I'm right behind you.
Thanks Suz for my H2O's. I haven't used them yet but give me the weekend and I am sure I will at some stage.
Well while the weather is good, I better get the washing on, strip the beds, wash the towels and give the floor a mop. I will pop in later and let you know what I have been up to...
Take care....


Lali said...

Hi Lorrie, gotta love suits hey NOT. Can't understand why you feel that way about your scrapping everybody has a different style and I honestly feel you style is similar to mine (simple) and that is not a bad thing I hope.

suzie said...

Hey Lorrie,
Thank You babe xx..Bugger about the waiting a few days know the saying all good things comes to those that wait!Not much longer..woohoo.And I love your scrapping style it ROCKS!

Terri H said...

HI Lorrie,

Ihave always loved your style hunny...dont doubt yourself you rock!!! I admire you for so many reasons...scrapping the least of them all.

Chin up about the suits..they suck no matter what field they are in LOL